Export - Import Solution Center


Whether you are a novice or experienced exporter or importer, APPA’s Export-Import Solution Center provides you with customized answers from an experienced international trade expert. 
APPA’s Export-Import Solution Center provides you with a complimentary assessment and ongoing support in the following areas: 

Complimentary Assessment

  • Market evaluation & assessing viability for your product
  • Obtaining market research
  • Assessing export readiness
  • Finding, approaching, and negotiating with key business partners
  • Trade lead follow-up assistance
  • Trade show event preparation
  • Counsel on export-import trade compliance
  • Calculating duties & taxes
  • Assistance with marketing, labeling, packing, and facilitating with international shipments
  • Understanding and using INCOterms
  • Guidance related to FDA, FTA & USDA exporting and importing

Other Areas of Support

  • Structuring competitive pricing & payment terms
  • Commercial documentation, correspondence, credits & collections
  • Education & assistance with Government sponsored programs including programs through the U.S. Department of Agriculture such as:
    • Market Builder: A service to exporters who are looking to secure their product in an international market, find new distributors or importers, and/or receive valuable feedback about their product.
    • Pet Food Buyers Missions: Meet international buyers and promote your products without leaving the U.S.
    • The Branded Program: The Branded Program provides a 50% cost reimbursement for a wide variety of international marketing activities. You may be eligible for reimbursement when you exhibit at Global Pet Expo!!  Find out today!
Contact the APPA Export-Import Solution Center by email at ex-imsc@americanpetproducts.org.

Initial complimentary assessment offers a forty-five minute consultation session.  Ongoing support is offered at a special APPA member discount.