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2 Hounds Design

2 Traveling Dogs LLC dba Your Dog's Diner

21st Century HealthCare dba 21st Century Animal Health

26 Bars & a Band, Inc.

3M Company


A Back to Top

A Pet's World

A Tail We Could Wag

A&E Cage Co., LLC

A. C. Graham Company

A. J. Turvey & Associates, Inc.

AA Aquarium, Inc.

AAA Bath Fashions

Absolutely Clean Products, LLC

Absorlution LLC

Accession, Inc.

Accessories House, Inc.

ADEC Aquarium Supplies Pte., Ltd.

ADER Enterprises, Inc.

Advance Pet Products

Advanced Graphics, Inc.

Advantek Marketing

Adventure Lights

AdVet, Inc.

AdyGil (Hong Kong) Products Company Limited

AeroMark International, Inc.

Age Group Ltd.

AGP Holding Corporation

Agri-Sales Associates, Inc.

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition (Home of Dad's Pet Care)

Air Design S.A. De C.V.

Air Restore

Alaska Naturals Pet Products

Alfa-Pet, Inc.

Alfalfa King

All Four Paws

All Paw Pet Products

All Star Dogs

Allure Pet Products, LLC

Almo Nature USA, Inc.

Alpha Lamda Group

Altramed Canada Int'l., Inc. / Tru-Pine for Pets

Amazing Pet Products

American Antler Dog Chews

American Colloid Company

American Dog Apparel

American Dog Toys, Inc.

American Humane Association

American Kennel Club

American Natural Premium

American Natural Treats

American Nutrition, Inc.

American Pet Diner

American Pet Products Assn. - PAL Campaign

American Premier Products, LLC

American Valley Pet, Inc.

AmPro Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Andersons Pet Care Products

Andis Company

Angel Pet Supplies, Inc.

Angels' Eyes - I'm a Little Teacup Corp.

Ani Mate

Anima International Corp.

Animal Adventure

Animal Essentials, Inc.

Animal Naturals, Inc.

Animal's Instinct, Inc.

Annamaet Petfoods, Inc.

Annies Pooch Pops

Anser Innovation LLC

Applaws Pet Food - MPM Products USA, Inc.

Aqua Ultraviolet

Aquaculture Systems Axiton, Inc.

Aquarium Design International, Inc.

Aquatic Life LLC

Aquatic Nutrition, Inc.

AQUATOP Aquatic Supplies

Archetti Sales & Marketing

Arjan Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Ark Naturals Products For Pets

Aroma Paws

Aromalettes by Scents Fur You, LLC

Artemis Pet Food Co., Inc.

Arthur Pet Products

Artvark Pet Products (Div. - GoGo Pet Products)

Ascenta Health Ltd.


Aspen Manufacturing Co.


Auburn Leathercrafters

Ausonia Consulting SRL

Aussie Naturals by ABO Gear LLC

Automated Pet Care Products, Inc.

B Back to Top

B&G Foods, Inc.

B-Air Dryers

Bakker Magnetics B.V.


Barkcode dba Spacious Skies LLC

BarkLogic by Logic Products



Barrett AG Service, Inc. dba Barrett Petfood Innovation

Barton Nelson Inc. dba Got Yo Gifts

BASE4 Group, Inc.

BASS Brushes

Batz Corporation

Bayer Healthcare LLC

Baylee Nasco

BB Meats, LLC

Beaks and Paws, Inc.

Beaton Innovations, LLC

Beatrice Home Fashions

Beatrise Pet Products

Beaumont Products, Inc.

Beijing Tianchong Pet Product Co., Ltd.

Bell Rock Growers

Bench & Field Pet Foods, LLC

Benebone LLC

Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC

Bergan LLC

Bessie and Barnie / St. George Industries

Best Buy Bones

Best of Breed Manufacturing, LLC

Best Pet Supplies, Inc.

Best Shot Pet Products Int'l., LLC

BH Pet Gear LLC

BHC, Inc.

Big Creek Foods LLC

Big Daddy Biscuits, LLC

Big Heart Pet Brands

Bihlerflex LLC

Bijan's Protective Equipment, Inc.

Bil-Jac / Kelly Foods Corp.

Bingo Pet Treats

Bio Biscuit, Inc.

Bio Spectra

Bio-Derm Laboratories, Inc.

Bio-Rep Network, Inc.

BioBubble Pets

BioCare Animal Products

Biograde (Nanjing) Pty Ltd.

BioLight Pet

Bionic Pet Products

BioPet Ltd.

Biopet Produtos Para Animais Ltda.

Bird Kabob / United Aquatics

Biscuit Bob's Gourmet Dog Treats

Bison Pets

Blackpointe Sales and Marketing

Blackwood Pet Food

Blue Buffalo Company

Blue Dog Bakery

Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc.

Blue-9 Pet Products

Bobbi Panter Pet Products

Bocce's Bakery

Body Blue / Novacap

Bondgy, Inc.

Bone Mat

BoosterBath, Inc.

Border Concepts, Inc.

Bosco and Roxy's Inc.

Boss Pet Products

Boulter Lake Farms dba Toreros Chews

Bow Wow Couture

Bowser Butler, LLC

Bowsers Pet Products

Boyd Enterprises

BPV Environmental

Brand Factory - BF Treats, LLC

Bravo Pet Foods

Bravo Sports

Brightwell Aquatics

Brollytime, Inc.

BrownTrout Publishers, Inc.

Bu Shang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Buckle-Down, Inc.

Buddeez, Inc.


Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc.

Bungalow Flooring, LLC

BURNS and Associates

Butcher's Bones

Butler Home Products

C Back to Top

C & S Products Co., Inc.

Caitec Corporation

California Costume Collections, Inc.

California Scents

Californian Products (H.K.) Ltd.

Calm My Pet

Canada Litter, Inc.

Canada Pooch Ltd.

Cangnan County HengLi Cotton Textile Limited Company

Canidae Corporation

Canifrance US, Inc.

Canine Care Products, LLC

Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc.

Canine Cushion Co.

Canine's Choice, Inc.

Canna Companion LLC

Car-Dek, Inc.

Cardinal Gates, Inc.

Cardinal Laboratories, Inc.

Cardone Design & Distribution Co.

CaribSea, Inc.

Carlson Pet Products

Carlson Products

Carna4, Inc.

Carolina Manufacturing

Carolina Prime Pet

Carpenter Company

Carrie Belle's Calicos, LLC

Caru Pet Food Company LLP

CASCO America

Cat Craft by OSI

Cat Dancer Products, Inc.

Cat House System LLC

Cats of Thrones

Cats Rule


Cedar Industries, Inc.

Celebrity Pet Toys Company Ltd.

Central Garden & Pet

CerMedia LLC

Cesar Millan, Inc.

Cetacea Corporation dba Cetacea Pet Products

CFL Industries, Inc.

Champion Petfoods LP

Charlee Bear Products (Div. of Wixon, Inc.)

Charming Pet Products

Chasing Our Tails, Inc.

Chelsea Pets (Div. of Chelsea Home Imports)

Chengdu Zhituo Aquatics Co., Ltd.

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, LLC

Chief Furry Officer

Chilly Dog

Choice Wise Antler Pet Chews

ChokeFree Pets c/o Assured Solutions LLC

Chondropaw, LLC

Chroma Graphics

Chuck Latham Associates, Inc.

Class Art Productions, Inc. & Buddy Belts

Claudia's Canine Cuisine

Clear Conscience Pet

Clifford W. Estes Co., Inc.

Close Encounters of the Furry Kind, LLC

Cloud Star Corp.

Coastal Pet Products

Cobalt International, Inc.

ColdWoof! by Indera Mills Co.


Comfort Research

Comfortable Pet, Inc.

Companion Habitats

Complete Natural Nutrition

Conair Corporation

CongreTek, Inc.

Consensio Systems LLC

COOL PET Holistic

Cool Springs International, LLC

Copper River Seafoods

Coral Reef Aquariums, Inc.

Corey Nutrition Company, Inc.

Corky's Reflective Wear, LLC

CosmoRiley, LLC

Couch Defender, Inc.


Countrywide Manufacturers Associates

Crate Covers and More

Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products, LLC

Creative Pet Group, LLC

Creative Pet Products, Inc.

Creative Way Global Co., Ltd.

Crosswind Petfoods, Inc.

Crown Hill Designs, LLC

Crown Pet Products, Inc.

Crown Products, L.L.C.

Crumps' Naturals

Crunch Woofs, Inc.

Curliusa, LLC

Current USA, Inc.

CV Industries

Cycle Dog

D Back to Top

D & D Commodities, Ltd.

D'Artemis LLC

D.T. Systems, Inc.

DAC Technologies

Dalian Tangrong International Trading Co., Ltd.

Dallas Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Dalton Quality Products

Dan's Arts, Inc.

Danawares Corporation

Daniel J. Edelman

Darford Industries, Ltd.

Dave's Pet Food LLC

Day to Day Imports, Inc.

Dazzle Pet

Delca Corporation

Dennis East International, LLC

Design LAB, Inc.

Designing Health, Inc.

Dexas International, Ltd.

DH2 International, Inc. - Pet Party Printz

Dia'mar International

Diamonds In The Ruff Ruff, Inc.

DLR dba GameWear, Inc.

Dmax Global, Inc.

Dog Body, L.L.C.

DOG Brands, Inc. dba Dogs of Glamour

Dog Fashion

Dog Gone Smart

Dog Goods USA LLC

Dog Is Good

Dog Not Gone

Dog Rocks USA LLC

Dog Speak

Dog Tag Art

Dog-E-Glow LLC

dog-gamutt, Inc.

DogChewz NYC

Doggie Design

Doggie Styles & Kitty Too!

Doggie Walk Bags, Inc.



Doggy Don, Inc.

DoggyMan (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

DogHeiro, Inc.

Dogline, Inc.

Dogs Love Kale

DogsNature GmbH

DogSport USA, LLC



Dogtra Company

Dolphin Pumps

Dome Publishing, Inc. (DBA The Dome Companies)


Dosha Dog

Double E Pet Products LLC

Douglas McLennan LLC

Douglas Petfood

Dr. Emmo's Pet First Aid by Petclenz

Dr. Rose's Remedies

DrTim's Aquatics, LLC

DT Brands

Dublin Dog Co., Inc.

DuckyWorld Products, Inc.

Dynamic Pet Products, Inc.

E Back to Top

E & S Imports, Inc.

E-Collar Technologies, Inc.

Earth Animal

Earth Friendly Products

Earth Rated


Easter Unlimited Funworld

Eastland Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.

EasyTurf A FieldTurf Company

Ecological Laboratories, Inc.

EcoSMART Technologies, Inc.

EcoSystem Aquarium

EHEIM North America

Elegant Home Fashions, LLC

Elive, LLC

Elmira Pet Products, Ltd.

Elmo's Closet

Emerald Pet Products

Enchante Accessories

Enchanted Home Pet

Endless Possibilities, Inc.

Energizer Personal Care

Envision, Inc.


EQ AG Solutions, LLC

Equuleus LLC

EQyss Pet Grooming Products, Inc.

Eshopps, Inc.

Espree Animal Products, Inc.

ETC Innovation LLC

Eternal Rest Pet Caskets, LLC

Ethical Products, Inc.

Etna Products Co., Inc.

Eugene G. Danner Manufacturing, Inc.


European Home Designs (Bow-Wow Pet)

Europet Bernina International

Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Co., Inc.

Evans Collars

EVCO International, Inc. dba Creative Home

Evenflo Company, Inc.

Everyday Wellness Corp./Okinawan Happy Dogs

EWC, Inc.

Exclusive Group LLC dba Binatone North America

Exclusively Pet, Inc.


Eyenimal, Inc.


F Back to Top

F. M. Brown's, Inc.

Fab Dog, Inc.


Fanpet USA LLC

Fantasia Accessories

Farewell Products ULC

Farm Innovators, Inc.

Fast 'N' Furriest LLC

Fengxin Zhongle Aquarium Co., Ltd.

Fetch Pet Products LLC

Fetch-It Pets, Inc.

Fetch...for pets!

Fetching Communications

FiberCore, LLC

Fida Pet Products Manufactory

Fido Pet Products, LLC

Fido, Inc.



Fixed Assets Holdings


Flava Puff

flexi North America LLC

Flexrake Corp.

Floppy Ears Design

Fluff & Tuff, Inc.


Forever Stainless Steel

Forever Yours, Inc.

Forza10 USA

Foshan Phoenix Pet Products Co., Ltd.


Free Free USA, Inc. DBA Felli Housewares

Free Raised Pet Products Inc.

Freedom Pets

Frenchie's Kitchen

Fresh Patch

Fresh US


Fritz Industries, Inc.


Fromm Family Foods, LLC

Fruitables Pet Food (Vetscience, LLC)

Functional Nutriments, LLC

Furacao Pet Industria E Comercio De Artigo Para Animais Ltda

FurHaven Pet Products

Furry Friends & Co. dba Argento SC

Furry Travelers, Inc.

FWUSOW Industry Co., Ltd.

G Back to Top

G & B Marketing, Inc.

G Mason Group, LLC


Gale Pacific USA, Inc.


Garmin International

Geib Handmade Shears


General Cage LLC



Ginsey Home Solutions

Girl Unleashed, Inc.

Glo-Marr Products, Inc.

Global Pet Supply, LLC

Global Sales & Marketing, Inc.

GlobalinxPet LLC

GlobalOne Pet Products

GlosStock LLC


GMP USA International

GoDogGo, Inc.

Gold Paw Series LLC

Golden Chair, Inc.

Golden Mile Home Products Co., Ltd.

Goldenfeast Incorporated

Good Dog Company, LLC (The)

Good L Corp.

Goshine Products Co., Ltd.

Grandma Lucy's

Grandma Mae's Country Naturals/NexPet

Grannick's Bitter Apple Co.

Great Life Pet Products/Pioneer Naturals Pet Foods

Green Bark Gummies

Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Greenberry Eco Industries, LLC

GreenDog Naturals

Griffin Care LLC

Grizzly Pet Products, LLC

Groomer's Goop (Div. of Critzas Industries, Inc.)

Groomy-USA, Inc.

Groovy Gravy Brands

GRP Ltd. T/A Group55, Ltd.

Guangzhou DogLemi Pet Products Co., Ltd.

GWF, LLC / DBA Chlorellies

H Back to Top

H.H. Backer Associates

H2O4K9, Inc.

Hai Feng Feeds Co., Ltd.

Haian Fufa Leisure Products

Haining Sailusheng Trading Co., Ltd.

Halo, Purely For Pets

Han Lien International Corp.

Hangzhou Boya Home Decor Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Brilliant Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Jie Feng Leisure Products Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Landerness Trading Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Leibo Industrial Co., Ltd.

HangZhou TianYuan Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tunnel Homeware Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Vanpoo Trading Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Vet & Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.

Hannahdees, LLC

Hanover Accessories, Inc.

Happy Hen Treats

Happy Howie's, Inc.

Happy Kids/Happy Pets LLC

Happy Tails

Harness Lead, LLC

Harry Barker

Hartz Mountain Corporation (The)

Healers PetCare, Inc. (DBA Bowserwear)

Healgen Scientific LLC

Healing Tree Products, Inc.

Healthy Dogma

Healthy Essentials, LLC

Healthy Partner Pet Snacks, LLC

Healthy Pet LP


Heart United

Heartland Premium LLC

Heath Outdoor Products

Hebei Yihoucheng Commodity Co., Ltd.

Heiniger AG

Heininger Holdings, LLC

Hello Doggie

Henry and Clemmies

Herbs For Life, Inc. d/b/a Pet Wellness Blends

Herbsmith, Inc.

Herd Guard / Body Guard 360

Heyrex Limited

Hi-Tek Rations, Inc.

Hiatt Manufacturing, Inc.

Higgins Group Corp. (The)

High Desert Distribution, LLC

High Tech Pet Products, Inc.

Hikari Sales USA, Inc.

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Hilton Herbs, Ltd.

Himalayan Corporation

Hing Designs

Hip Doggie, Inc.

Holistic Blend

Holliday - Scott S.A.

Home Bazaar, Inc.

Home Comfort

HomeoPet LLC

Honest Kitchen, Inc. (The)

Hong Kong City Toys Factory Limited

Honukai Co., Ltd. dba Luna Blue

Horn Company

Hot Dogs All Dressed, Inc.

HoundHouse LLC

Housewares International, Inc.

Hueter Toledo, Inc.

Hugs Pet Products

HUNTER International GmbH

Hunter Manufacturing

Hurtta America Corp.


Hyper Pet

I Back to Top

I See Spot

i-5 Publishing, LLC

i4C Innovations, Inc.

IAL Manufacturing

Icelandirect, Inc.

Idea Factory, Inc.

Ideal Pet Products


iLeesh Products LLC

Ilio Products LLC

Illumination Technology

Imagilin Technology, LLC

Imagine This Company

iMARC Pet Tag Engraving Systems

IMJ Marketing, Inc.

Imperial Cat

IMS Pet Industries, Inc.

In Clover, Inc.

Inafiction USA, Inc. dba Gooby Pet Fashion

Incept GmbH & Co. KG

Incredible Solutions, Inc.


Innovacyn, Inc.

Innovation Pet, Inc.

Innovative Bedding Solutions

Innovative Design & Sourcing

Innovet Pet Products

Inochi, Inc. dba Dainichi Fish Food

Integrated Textile Solutions

International Pets

Intersand Inc.

ION Labs, Inc.

IPG (International Pet Group)



Irish Dog Foods Ltd.

Isle of Dogs Corporation

It's A Dog's World

iWorld dba Posh Paws

IZU Korea Co., Ltd.

J Back to Top

JAKKS Pets (Div. of JAKKS Pacific, Inc.)

Jascor Housewares, Inc.

Jax and Bones


JCLA, Inc.

Jewett Cameron Company

Jiangsu Best Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Carepet Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Holly Everlasting, Inc.

Jiangsu Yongsheng Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhongheng Pet Articles Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi SenCen Hygienic Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Welton Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Jiashan Oskar-Bebehut Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

JLA Pets

John Ritzenthaler Company

Jojo's Best

Jolly Pets, Inc.

Jones Natural Chews Company

Jorgen Kruuse A/S

JS Trade Jacek SZMAJ

JSK Merchandising, Inc./Finnex

K Back to Top

K&H Manufacturing, LLC

K-10 Holdings, LLC

K-Kat, LLC

K-TOPS Plastic Manufacturing, Inc. / Creative Baby, Inc.

K9 Granola Factory

K9 Natural Food Ltd.


Kanberra Group

Kane & Couture

KAS Direct LLC dba PetLabs360

Kasel Industries

Katherine Elizabeth Pet Products

Katie's Pet Products

Kaylor of Colorado

Kellbones, LLC

KenGro Corporation

Kent Pet Group, Inc.

KidCo, Inc. dba Command Pet

Kim Laube & Co., Inc.

Kinn, Inc.

Kiss My Mutt

KMI Zeolite (Freshenz)

Knight Pet/Krislin

Koller-Craft (Oscar)

KONG Company

Kool Tees, Inc.

Kordon, LLC

Kudos Wireless Technology Limited

Kumar Engineering Works

Kumar Steels, Inc.

Kumfy Tailz

Kurgo Products

Kyjen Company, Inc. (The)

L Back to Top

L. S. Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.

La Crosse Technology

Laboratorio Drag Pharma Chile Invetec S.A.

Laboratorios Bilper S.A.

Lafeber Company

Lane Sales Development Group, Inc.

Langdon IC Sales Co. LLC

Langhu Co., Limited

LASO Pet Products

LaunchLab, Inc.

Le Sharma Trading, Inc.

LeashLocket, Ltd.

Leather Brothers, Inc.

Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products

Legacy Urns (Cedar & Hardwood Mfg., Inc.)

Legitimutt, LLC

Lemon International Trade Co., Ltd.

Lennox International, Inc. (The)

LEON Engineering, Inc.

LH Licensed Products, Inc.

LH&S Pet Care LLC


LICKS Pill Free Solutions

Lifegard Aquatics

Lilly Brush Co., LLC

Lily's Kitchen

Lincoln Bark, LLC

Lindy & Company (Daybreak)


Litter One

LittleGifts, Inc./IDTAG.com

Lixit Animal Care Products

Loft 312, Inc.

Lotus Pet Foods

Loving Pets Corp.

Loyal Friend Pet Co., Inc.

LTi Printing

Lucky Paws LLC

Lumi Pet

Lupine, Inc.


M Back to Top

MacKnight Food Group, Inc.

Made In The Shade, Inc. dba No Mo "O"

Madhubeni Home Appliances Private Limited

Madra Mor Canine Mud Treatments

Magmar Colony USA, Inc.

Magnet & Steel Ltd.

Mahar Manufacturing, Inc.

Majesty's Animal Nutrition

Mammoth Pet Products

MandyDanyu (Shanghai) Bioscience Co., Ltd.

Marchioro USA, Inc.

Mars Fishcare, North America, Inc.

Mars Petcare U.S.

Marshall Pet Products, Inc.

Mashiur Rahman & Co. Ltd.

MasonBlue, LLC

Masters Best Friend

Matrix Healthwerks, Inc.

Mauro Pet Care, LLC

Max & Ruffy's

Max's Closet

MBS Communications, Inc.

McAirlaids, Inc.

Mednet Direct Corp.

Mello Sales Group, Inc.

Mendota Products, Inc.

Merrick Pet Care

Merry Products, Inc.

Metro Paws LLC


MIDWEST Homes for Pets

Midwestern Pet Foods

MilkOpet - MOPNA, Inc.

Miller Foods, Inc. dba Oma's Pride

Millers Forge, Inc.

Milwaukee Instruments

Minds In Sync

Miracle Products LLC

MiracleCorp Products

Moderna Products

Mohawk Home (Div. of Mohawk Carpet Distribution, Inc.)

Molly and Friends

Molly Mutt LLC

Moose Pet Wear (Div. of Strapworks.com)

Morez Marketing LLC

Morty Brown Associates, Inc.

Mount Tibet Corporation

MTS Innovations, LLC

Mud River Dog Products

Mudd+Wyeth, LLC

Mulligan Stew Pet Food

Multipet International, Inc.

Muttluks, Inc.

MVP Group International

My Best Friends LLC

My Canine Kids, Inc.

My Dog Nose It!

My Dog's Boutique, LLC

My Organic Doggy

Myer Ellie Limited

N Back to Top

Nala Barry Laboratories

Nanchang Cool Mat Household Products Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Ruijie Flooring Industrial Co., Ltd.

Nanjing XiRong Clothing Factory

Nantong Hengtuo Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd.

Nantong Orient Pet Co., Ltd.

Nantong Tianyu Leisure Products Co., Ltd.

Nantong Yuanyang Leisure Products Co., Ltd.

Natalulu, LLC

Natural Balance Pet Foods

Natural Chemistry, Inc.

Natural Dog Company, Inc.

Natural Products For Pets, Inc.

Natural Solutions for Life

Nature Zone

Nature's Animals, Inc.

Nature's Botanical Pet Products, Inc.

Nature's Variety


Neater Pet Brands

Nekochan Enterprises


Nestle Purina PetCare Company

New Angle Pet Products, Inc.

New Arts Int'l. Co., Ltd.

New Era Aquaculture Ltd.

New Life International, Inc.

New Morning Imports DBA Tumbleweed

Newton Laboratories, Inc.

Next Gen International Corporation

Nilodor, Inc.

Ningbo Brofa Hairdressing Appliance Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Henkel International Trading Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Hongdu Model Plastics Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Morning Star Pet Goods Co., Ltd.

Ningde Fulaide Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Nite Beam Products, L.L.C.

Nite Ize, Inc.

NL Enterprises, LLC dba Nature's Logic

NO B.S. Solutions LLC

NoClean Aquariums

Noggle, Inc.

Nootie LLC

Nordic Naturals

North American Pet

North States Industries, Inc.

Northern Pet Products, Inc.

Northwest Naturals

NPIC (Natural Polymer International Corporation)

Nulo Pet Food

Number 2 Pet Products, LLC

Numi Cat Litter

Nummy Tum Tum

NutraDine, Inc. dba AquaDine Nutritional System

Nutralife Health Products, Inc.

Nutreco Canada, Inc.

Nutri-Pet Research, Inc. / Nupro Supplements

NVMK Sales dba Nandog Pet Gear

O Back to Top

O'Donnell Industries, Inc.

O.S.I. Marine Lab, Inc.

OC Raw Dog

Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums LLC

Oculus Innovative Sciences/Animal Health Division

Odor Blok

Odorchem Manufacturing Corp.

Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Old Mill Pet Products, LLC

Oliver Bentleys

Olivet International, Inc.


Omega Paw

OmegaSea, LLC

ON Corp US, Inc.

One Pet Planet

Oomaloo LLC

Orabrush, Inc.

Organic Oscar

Organic Pet Superfood

Origen Nutrition, Inc.

Origin Point Brands, LLC

Oscar Newman LLC

Oster Professional Products

Out of Box Creative, Inc.

Owen Biosciences, Inc. dba Canine Earth

Oxbow Animal Health


P Back to Top

P.J. Noyes

Pacific 21 Mercantile, Ltd.

Pacific Bird and Supply Co., Inc.

Pampered Pet Treats

Papercut Lab

Paragon Pet Products USA Inc.

Parrotopia LLC

Patchwork Distribution, Inc.

PAW - Pet Adventures Worldwide, Inc.

Paw Paw Pet Products

Paw Paws USA

Paw Pods LLC

Pawabunga, LLC

PawFlex, Inc.

Paws Barkery, Inc.


Pawsitively Gourmet, Inc.

Pawsome Pet Products LLC

PawTree, LLC

Pawz Dog Boots LLC

Pearson Industries, Inc.


Penford Corporation

Penn-Plax, Inc.

Perfect Pet Products, LLC

Performance Pet Products, LLC

Perri's Leathers Ltd.

Perrigo Animal Health

Pestell Pet Products

Pet 'n Shape / Pet Ventures, Inc.

Pet Acoustics, Inc.

Pet Age Magazine

Pet Brands, Inc.

Pet Buddies, Inc.

Pet Business Media

Pet Care Systems

Pet Carousel, Inc.

Pet Center, Inc.

Pet Connect, Inc. dba MagicLatch

Pet Doors U.S.A., Inc.

Pet Dreams International

Pet Ego LLC

Pet Factory, Inc.

Pet Firm (The)

Pet Fusion

Pet Gear, Inc.

Pet Gifts USA, LLC

Pet Goods Mfg. & Imports

Pet Head, Inc.

Pet Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Pet Health Science, LLC

Pet Healthy Holdings, LLC

Pet International, Inc.

Pet King Brands, Inc.

Pet Naturals of Vermont

Pet Pal Distribution Corp.

Pet Plenish

Pet Product News International LLC

Pet Products Marketing dba Nobis Sales & Marketing

Pet Protection Products

Pet Quest LLC

Pet Qwerks, Inc.

Pet Rageous Designs Ltd.

Pet Research Labs

Pet Secure

Pet Silk, Inc.


Pet Supply Imports, Inc.

Pet Tech Laboratories, Inc.

Pet Tree Houses, LLC

Pet Wellness, Inc. dba Glacier Peak Holistics

Pet's Area Code, Inc.

Pet-Tao, LLC

Pet1Click Corp.

PetAg-Well Animal Group

PetBuckle Brand Safety Systems

Petchup, Inc.


PetHub, Inc.

Petkin Pet Care Systems

PetKind Pet Products, Inc.

Petking, Inc.

Petlou, Inc.


Petmatrix LLC

Petnovations, Inc.

Petote Group, LLC

Petpals Group, Inc.

PetPlay, Inc.

Petprojekt (Div. of Otomik Products, Inc.)

Petropics Gourmet Whole Foods, LLC

Pets First

Pets Global, Inc.

Pets Pacifica, Inc.

Pets Stop (Div. of Sunscape Time, Inc.)

Pets' Spark

Petsport USA, Inc.

Petstages, Inc.

PetZen Products, LLC

PetzLife Products, Inc.

Peudar Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Pfizer Animal Health

Phelps Industries, LLC

Piddle Place

Pingyang Kongying Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Pinta International, LLC

Pioneer Pet Products, LLC

Piscine Energetics, Inc.

Pitman Farms, Inc. (Mary's Pet Food)

Planet Dog

Planet Looa

Planet Pleasures, Inc.

PlanetWise Products, Inc.

Plangea, Inc.

Plant Pattern Covers

Platinum Pets, Inc.

Plato Pet Treats

PLAY (Pet Lifestyle And You)

Playful Parrot, Inc.

PLB International, Inc.


PM and J, LLC

Pod Trackers

Polly's Pet Products, Inc.

Pooch Outfitters

Poochie-Pets, LLC

PoochPad Products (Microfine, Inc.)


Porpoise Aquarium Co., Ltd.



Prairie Dog Antlers

Precious Cat, Inc.

Precise Pet Products

Precision Pet Products

Prefer Pets, LLC

Preferred Merchandizing

Premium Pet Health

Preppy Puppy Bakery

Preston Leather

Prevue Pet Products, Inc.

PrideBites, LLC

Primal Pet Foods, Inc.

Primetime Petz LLC

Prince Lorenzo's Royal Treatment

Priority Pet Products

Prismatix, Inc.

Pro Clear Aquatic Systems, Inc.

Pro-Pet LLC

Product Quest Manufacturing, LLC

Products Unlimited, Inc.

Professional Pet Products, Inc.

Proformance Pet Products

ProLabs, Ltd.

Promote Beauty

Protege Biomedical

Proveedora La Perla S.A. de C.V.

PRT Manufacturing Limited

PSPC, Inc.

Pujiang Eyepeta Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Puppia Int'l, Inc. (Fashion Factory Co. Ltd.)

Puppy Bumpers, Inc.

Puppy Cake

Puppy Kisses LLC

Puppy McQueen

Puppy Yummy, Inc.

Pure Ocean Botanicals

Pure Treats, Inc.

PurestPets, LLC

Pyramid Pet Products

Python Products, Inc.

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Qingdao Eastan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Ideal Jingmao Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Kangda Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Kingstar International Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Magic Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Myjian Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Yalute Foods Co., Ltd.

Qpets, Inc.


Quaker Pet Group

Quick-Tag/The Hillman Group

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R & J Enterprises

R & T Enterprises LLC

R. Sabee Company, LLC / Draper Products, Inc.

R2P Pet Ltd.

Radagast Pet Food, Inc.

Radio Systems Corp.

Ramp4Paws, LLC

Rasta Imposta, Inc.


RC Pet Products

Re-Think It, Inc.

Real Innovators

Red Products Company

Red River Commodities, Inc.

Red Sea Fish Pharm

Redbarn Pet Products, Inc.

Reed Mariculture, Inc. dba Reef Nutrition

Reef One

RefinedKind Pet Products

Regal Pet Foods

Rehydrate dba River City Pet Products, LLC

Reliq Pet LLC

Remarkabowl LLC

Replenish Pet, Inc.

Reptile Industries, Inc.

Resco Pet Products

Response Products

Retro Pets, Inc.

Riche Copains Distribution (T/A Scruffs)

Richell USA, Inc.

Riley's Premium Pet Products, LLC

Riteway Sales & Marketing, Inc.

Robely Trading, Inc.

Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc.

Robin Meyer NYC

rockin' doggie

ROGZ (Pty) Ltd.


Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

Royal Animals Ltd.

Royal Canin USA, Inc.

Royal Pet, Inc.

Royal Trade USA, Inc.

RPG Innovations, LLC

RPM, Inc. / Drymate

Rubie's Costume Company, Inc.

Ruby Reef, Inc.

Ruff Dawg

Ruff Rider Technology, LLC

Ruffwear, Inc.

Rufus & Coco Pty Ltd.

Rugao Lanbiao Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Runners High, LLC - "Running Buddy Pets"

Rush Direct, Inc.

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Sadie's Pet Products, Inc.

Safari Ltd.

Safcol Canada, Inc.

SafeMade Pet Products

Sales & Marketing Consultants Group dba Pet Industry Guru

Sales & Marketing Professionals, Inc.

Salix Animal Health, LLC

Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc. dba Samsung Techwin

San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc.

Sara England Designs

Sauder Woodworking Co.

Savic NV

Sawyer Pet Products Co., Ltd.


Schiaffino, Lasky & Associates

Scoochie Pet Products

Scott Pet Products

Scratch Lounge

Seachem Laboratories, Inc.

Sebastian & Co. International

Segrest Farms, Inc.


Sentiments, Inc.

Sentinel Pet Group

SERA North America, Inc.

Shandong Honva Food Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jingxin Non-woven Products Co., Ltd.

Shandong Sinchem Silica Gel Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Petcare Pet Food Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Petlot Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Rongxin Hardware Factory

Shanghai Saloge Import & Export Ltd.

Shanghai Senful Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yixiao Pet Product Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yume International Trading Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Aetertek Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jia Yi Yang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jianfeng Electronic Pet Product Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Mall Vanguard Paper Product Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yufeng Technology Co., Ltd.

Sheridan 80 LLC dba The Wonder Scooper

Show-Me Animal Products

Sicce USA

Sievers Pet Care, LLC

Silk Road Oils, Inc.

Silver One International

Silverfoot Activewear, Ltd.

Simply Fido

Sittin Pretty Pet Products

Sixtrees Ltd.

SJT Enterprises, Inc.

Small Dog Wonders Bakery LLC



Smokehouse Pet Products

Smoochy Poochy, Inc.

SmucciToo! Pet Beds by DDK Designs, LLC

Snaptracs, Inc.

Snuggle Pet Products LLC

So Bright, LLC

Soft Lines, Inc.

Soggy Doggy Productions LLC


Soleil China Ltd.

Solid Gold Pet, LLC

Solvit Products, LP

Southpoint S.A.

Specialty Products Resources, Inc.

Spike's World, Ltd.


Sport It LLC

Spot On Dog, Inc.

SRB International Pvt. Ltd.

ST International

St. Gabriel Organics


Star Horse Products NV, Inc.

StarMark Pet Products

Stella & Chewy's

Stellar Pet Boutique by Union Importers, Inc.

Stengel Oils

Stephens Pipe & Steel

Steve's Real Food, Inc.


Sturdi Products, Inc.

Stutzman Environmental Products

Suitical International B.V.

Summit Chemical Company

Summma International LLC

Sunner World Trading Co., Ltd.

Sunshine Mills, Inc./World Pet Foods

Super Bird Creations, LLC

Super Steeds

Superior Farms Pet Provisions

Sure Fit, Inc.

Surflife Wear, Inc.

Suzhou Better Clean Textile Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Kudi Trade Co., Ltd.

Suzhou ShareShine Toy Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Suzhen Underpad Co., Ltd.

SV Distribution

Swamp Dogs of LA, LLC

SWEES International Sarl

Sweet Feet & Beak

SwiPets, LLC

Symply Pet Foods Ltd.

SynergyLabs, Inc.

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TADgreen, Inc./e-cloth

Taguchi Overseas Co., Ltd.

Taishan Yangmingwei Hardware Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Huamao Handicraft Article Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Huangyan Aotong Pet Products Factory

Taizhou Sbelle Arts & Crafts Factory


Tancheng Delicacy Handcrafts Co., Ltd.

Tasman's Natural Pet

Tea Tree Solutions LLC

Teafco, Inc.

Teddy the Dog (Div. of Chillybears)

TekQuest Industries Corporation


The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs

The Company of Animals

The Coop

The Dog Squad, Inc.

The Fifth Paw LLC

The Green Pet Shop

The Humane Society of the United States

The Iams Company

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co., Inc.

The Loving Bowl Corp.

The Nutro Company

The OurPet's Company

The Pound Bakery

The Real Meat Company

The San Francisco Umbrella Company

The Sporn Company

The Urban Design Group

Thera-Clean, Inc.

Thomas Laboratories

Thomas Moore Feed

Three Dog Bakery LLC

ThunderWorks, LLC

Tian Jin Gallop Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Everfun Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Ranova Petfood Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Yiyi Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.

Tightpac America, Inc.

Timberline Live Pet Foods

Time Square Foods Imports LLC

Tomas Sales & Marketing, Inc.

Tomlyn Products

Totally Natural Treatments, Inc.

Touchless Designs LLC

Trackimo, Inc.

Tractive GmbH

Transcon Trading Co., Inc./Mr. Groom

Transocean Import Company

Transworld Aquatic Enterprises, Inc.

Tre Ponti Di Cecconato Pierantonio

Treat Planet, LLC

Treats for Chickens, LLC

Trixie Pet Products, Inc.

Trone Brand Energy, Inc.

Tropiclean Pet Products (Div. of Cosmos Corp.)

True Dogs, LLC

TruPet, LLC

TSY Services, LLC

Tuffy's Pet Foods, Inc.

Tuggo Dog Toys LLC

Tulane's Closet, LLC

Twigo LLC

Two Little Fishies, Inc.

Tyger Paws, Inc.

Tyson Pet Products

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U-Play Corporation

U.S. Cotton, LLC

Uckele Health and Nutrition

Ultra Paws Dog Gear

Ultra Pet Company, Inc.

Ultrahund, Inc.

Unipet USA, LLC

Unique Manufacturing and Marketing

Unique Petz

United Pet Group

Unleashed Life

Up Country

Urine Off by Bio-Pro Research, LLC

US Pet Nutrition

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Valhoma Corporation

Van Beek Natural Science

Van Den Bosch (John A.) Co.

Van Ness Plastic Molding Co.

Vee Enterprises

Venison Joe's, Inc.

VeRUS Pet Foods

Vetimed, Inc.

Vetritionals, Inc.

Vets Choice

Vets Plus, Inc.

Viachem LLC

Viaco Limited


VIP Engravers

VIP Products


Vitakraft Sun Seed, Inc.

Vital Animal Health, LLC

Vital Essentials - Carnivore Meat Company

Vital Planet Pets

Vital Source Group LLC

Volkman Seed Factory

VS Holdings, LLC dba Right Angle Pet

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W.F. Young, Inc.

Waggers Pet Products, Inc.

Waggo Home

WagletWorks Adventure Dog Gear

Wagner's, LLC

Wahl Clipper Corporation

Wally's Natural

Walsall Hardware Corp.

Wapiti Labs, Inc.

Ware Manufacturing

Warren London

Water Rover

Weihai East Co., Ltd.

Weihai Luda Art & Craft Co., Ltd.

Well Trained Owner Corp.

WellPet - A Family of Natural Products for Pets

WellyTails, Inc.

Wen Zhou Mao Quan Pet Things Co., Ltd.

Wen Zhou PetPal Hi Tech Pet Nutrition Products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Huahui Leather Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Vigorous Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou YouTe Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Yuanfei Pet Toy Products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Yuxiang Pet Product Co., Ltd.

West Paw Design

Western Pacific Marketing

Westminster Pet Products

Westport Linens, Inc.

Wet Noses, Inc.

Wexford Farms Pet Food LLC

Wheel House Designs, Inc.

Whistle Labs

White Cliff Pet Products LLC

Who-Rae Australia LLC

Whole Life Pet Products

Wholesome Pride Pet Treats

Wholistic Pet Organics

Wigzi LLC

Wild Calling Pet Foods

Wild Meadow Farms

Wildlife Sciences

Wingpet Manufactory Co., Limited


Winoe Corporation

Wireless Whiskers

Wolfgang Man & Beast


Woodstream Corp.

Woofwear by World Critter, Inc.

World Wide Imports Ent. Inc.

WorldWise, Inc.

Wuxi Dongcheng Bio Technology Co., Ltd.

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Xiamen Ipet Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Longwood Enterprises Ltd.

Xiamen Shuai Shuai Handicrafts Co., Ltd.

Xiamen You Wei Import & Export Co., Ltd.


XPOWER Manufacture, Inc.

Xtreme Aquatic Foods, Inc.

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp.

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Yamei Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou John & Wen Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Kingdom Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Yantai China Pet Foods PLC

Yantai Sunrise Textiles & Garments Co., Ltd.

Yantai Yummy Pet Food Co., Ltd.

Yeager & Associates, Inc.

Yellow Dog Design


Yeti Corporation

YML Group Inc.


Yong Zhen Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Yummy Chummies

Yuyao Tiandi Industry Trade Co., Ltd.

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Zeigler Bros., Inc.

Zen Den Pets

Zero Odor LLC

Zeusie Healthy Pet Products

Zhangjiagang Xiaoxin Hardware-Made Co., Ltd.

Zhaoyuan Rongda Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Greentop Arts Products Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Kunyue Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Native Produce & Animal By-products I/E Group Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Dogood Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan President Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Zhuji Longbow Knitting Co., Ltd.

Zippy Dynamics, Inc.


Ziwipeak USA, Inc.

Zoo Active Products AB

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.

Zoo-Max Exotic Ltd.

Zuke's Performance Pet Nutrition