APPA Public Relations Discount Program


If a strong PR program is not already part of your company’s marketing strategy, it’s time to reconsider and include it in your future plans. 

In addition to the collaborative member media outreach efforts received through your membership, APPA has negotiated specialized discounted Public Relations Packages through an exclusive partnership with The Impetus Agency, a public relations for specializing in the pet industry.  These Packages can be customized to meet your company’s unique needs. Depending on the package you select, services may include the following: 

  • Brainstorming sessions to develop an overall PR strategy for your company
  • Identification of your target audience
  • Campaign development and implementation for new product launches
  • Press releases and stories promoting specific products
  • Press releases and story pitches on your company, company announcements and company executives
  • Crisis Management
  • Target media research and  media tracking

Since The Impetus Agency is a full service marketing firm that specializes in the pet industry and maintains strong relationships with key pet reporters, editors and producers, they can help you obtain the nation-wide exposure you want! 

Why Public Relations?  Public relations is a planned effort to influence opinion. While advertising is what you say about yourself, public relations is what you influence others to say about you. Two very distinct strategies, but a strong public relations program can certainly step in when advertising dollars are lacking. 

Value.  Limited advertising dollars would not be sufficient to achieve the frequency necessary to reach your target audience, nor would it afford you the opportunity for visibility in multiple publications. This is not the case with public relations as the same release/pitch can be broadcast to literally thousands of media contacts, thus extending your reach and your budget!

Credibility.  It’s a known fact that consumers believe what they hear in the news more readily than what they hear through paid advertising. Public relations activities are an excellent tool for establishing trust and credibility and building reputation. They are low-cost but enjoy a high level of credibility. A strong public relations campaign can be the most effective way to build positive opinions of your organization’s products and services.  By effectively using the tools of public relations, you can: 

  • Clearly demonstrate key messages
  • Build brand awareness
  • Enhance product or service quality perceptions
  • Strengthen relationships with customers and/or target audiences
  • Motivate purchasing 

APPA’s Public Relations Packages Complement the PR Benefits You Already Receive Through APPA Membership. 
The APPA Marketing and Public Relations team, comprised of APPA’s Marketing Communications Department and The Impetus Agency, promotes pet ownership and the pet product industry by creating a gateway between APPA members and the media. The team works together to identify opportunities to maximize APPA’s media outreach. 

APPA members already receive valuable PR opportunities through The Marketing Team’s efforts.  Through their monitoring of the editorial calendars of dozens of consumer and pet trade magazines, The Impetus Agency looks for opportunities to promote positive stories on pet ownership, pet products and pet product companies.  Then, they submit stories on behalf of APPA members to help garner positive attention toward member companies and their products. These press releases and story pitches provide industry trends, overviews and applicable product information from members, and focus on the industry as a whole rather than individual member companies. Members are made aware of these opportunities on a regular basis through APPA’s weekly e-updates. 

If your company is interested in taking its PR efforts to the next level with a personalized marketing plan that solely promotes your company and its products, then an APPA Public Relations Package might be for you!  Dedicated marketing professionals will help you develop an individualized PR plan that will meet your marketing objectives.  This opportunity will help you tout your products, company and staff to journalists and to your target audience!   

For more details on The Impetus Agency’s services, please contact Tierra Bonaldi or Julie Rowe at The Impetus Agency at (775) 322-4022, or