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Business Opportunities Listings

Posted: Monday, April 18, 2016 Back to Top
We are interested in boutique retailers, pet accessory stores or multi store retail chains to develop new lines of business
For more information contact:
Heads Up For Tails
E-mail: dhara@headsupfortails.us

Heads Up For Tails: We are an exclusive luxury brand for ‘pawsh’ and fun doggie couture. Our products range from comfy and customized dog beds, chic collars and leashes, fashionable bandannas, to an awesome range of accessories for pets.

Our line of products is directed towards the discerning dog lover interested in the next level of products which rises a cut above the rest. We incorporate whimsical messages to reflect the personality of your fur baby, with bursts of color and style and a sprinkle of love in our collection of canine fashion.

We are interested in boutique retailers, pet accessory stores or multi store retail chains to develop new lines of business by including our successful product lines into their inventory. We are also open to developing custom products for your store/business.

Please contact us at dhara@headsupfortails.us 

Check out our product line at headsupfortails.us


Posted: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Back to Top
For more information contact:
Aldo Hing
Global Marketing VP
Phone: +011(507)6245-9099
E-mail: aldo@stevenplastics.com

Steven Plastics, Inc. is an ISO Certified molding manufacturer creator of THE UNTANGLER® line of pet grooming accessories. Our line is directed to pet lovers and professional groomers, interested in the next level of pet care for four-legged love ones, incorporating patent registered technologies with stainless steel rotating teeth specialized combs, brushes, and veterinary supplies.

We're interested in Large Chain Specialty Stores, Manufacturing Representatives, On-line Retailers, and Pet Accessories Stores to develop new lines of business, either by including our successful existing line into their inventory, or developing their own proprietary brand(s) based on our extensive manufacturing capabilities.

More info on our pet lines at:  www.theuntangler.com

Posted: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Back to Top
New Product Opportunity
For more information contact:
Joanna F. Schlosser
E-mail: BNS.4.Pets@gmail.com

Patent owner seeks licensing agreement for a revolutionary dog leash.  Target market is huge: protective pet parents, those who have ever had a leash snap fail, and those who have ever had a dog slip their collar.  Prototype has undergone thorough testing and is ready for replication.  High-end USA manufacturer preferred.  Serious direct inquiries only.