D&I Foundational Training: Growing as an Intentional Inclusionist«

Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a Function of Leadership


Session I:             Thursday, January 14, 2021              1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST 

Session II:            Thursday, January 21, 2021              1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


Course Description 

Viewing diversity and inclusion as a leadership function is vital for well-functioning organizations. Years of experience have taught us that a diverse, inclusive workplace and society do not just happen. Yet, as we look to the future, we recognize that huge demographic shifts are happening that impact society, requiring strategic diversity and intentional inclusion be practiced at every level to optimize performance. Learning how to become effective allies and strengthen team engagement requires operating as Intentional Inclusionists®. Dr. Nika White, the author of The Intentional Inclusionist®, will share principles for becoming an inclusion-minded leader and lead employees through sensitivity training with a focus on intercultural difference and unconscious bias. In this training, Dr. Nika White will help participants understand the essentials of intentional inclusion leadership as paramount to successful organizations. Participants will engage in micro-learning activities and self-reflective, guided conversations on topics related to the overall value and management of human difference. Specifically, these experiential learning sessions helps leaders to understand the power of intentions and ways to model and create the necessary inclusion to enhance talent and organizational performance.                                                                 

This training amplifies the power of mindfulness concerning strategies to disrupt unconscious bias that can hinder organizational effectiveness and a culture of belongingness. Skills training is necessary to elevate organizational performance and create an inclusive work environment where all are respected, valued, and given every opportunity to succeed. This session will empower and equip participants to build their inclusion leadership competency through knowledge transfer and engaging micro-learning activities related to the overall value and management of human difference.                                                                         

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the business case for strategic diversity and intentional inclusion – valuing and harnessing human difference (defining diversity and inclusion)
  • Encourage a more intentional leadership approach to the way in which diversity and inclusion is understood and practiced
  • Share important principles leaders can apply to become more intentionally inclusive
  • Apply a self-assessment tool to identify areas for personal development and growth as an Intentional Inclusionist®
  • Learn interventions for disrupting unconscious bias and microaggressions
  • Understand and uncover implicit associations that lead to discrimination, inequality, and exclusion
  • Characterize the information and misinformation we learn about identity groups
  • Learn the personal impact of exclusion
  • Learn how to become better allies of those different from us
  • Understand the role of management in creating a culture of inclusion