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Government Affairs Overview

The APPA Government Affairs Group's activities are directed towards the advancement of APPA members and the pet industry through member cooperation and advocacy. Under the direction of the APPA Board and its advisors, staff:

  • Identifies laws, legislation and proposed regulation that impact the industry;
  • Notifies APPA members and solicits their involvement in the legislative process;
  • Organizes members in subcommittees and taskforces;
  • Communicates APPA's position to legislators and regulators;
  • Initiates cooperative efforts with government bodies;
  • Acts as a liaison between members and government officials on specific issues;
  • Provides educational tools to members via the Internet and in meetings and conferences;
  • Comments on legislation and proposed regulation, which affect APPA members;
  • Assists members in complying with federal and state requirements.

APPA Regulatory Updates

Regulatory Update 2021 Part 1: What We Are Watching In The Pet Products Sector

Regulatory Update 2021 Part 2: What We Are Watching In The Pet Industry

Regulatory Update 2021 Part 3: What We Are Watching In The Pet Industry

Regulatory Update 2021 Part 4: What We Are Watching In Disease Control Legislation


APPA Information Services

 Web-based Guidance

APPA's Products & the Law Web pages provide practical information to assist members to monitor government action, which directly affects them. This information includes summaries of current bills and proposed regulations . In addition, compliance information on select regulated products provides APPA members the "Plain English" version of the law in order to assist in maintaining regulated product registration requirements. Lastly, APPA members are afforded basic guides and "how-to" pointers in order to understand and comply with laws and regulations. The majority of the contents of this section of the APPA Web Site requires member password and ID for access. 

APPA E-Updates

”Industry News ” articles that appear in the weekly APPA E-Updates provide APPA members with the most current issue-tracking available and suggest action to be taken by individual members in order to promote their interest with policymakers on legislative and regulatory issues. The APPA E Update also includes current media articles that relate to the pet industry and the keeping of pets.


Member Inquiries

Specialized research and support is provided upon request. Members relay a question or issue they are facing in their daily business activities in the areas of import/export, labeling, and compliance. When a determination is made that the issue is a “product issue” potentially affecting a broad group of members, staff researches the issue and determines the course of action to remedy the situation.

APPA’s Expert Consultants

 Through a combination of volunteers and hired independent consultants, APPA provides its members with the most specialized expertise in key areas of regulatory compliance. APPA’s Pet Food Consultant represents members at meetings of the Association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO) and offers individual guidance and members with compliance questions, especially complex labeling requirements. APPA relies on the expertise of its member companies’ technical staff and advisors to keep its finger on the pulse of the needs of the pet industry and the regulatory climate in which its members must do business. 

In addition, APPA works with law firms in Washington DC  who act as consultants to APPA in on wide variety of topics related to the pet industry and as an advocate on behalf of pet product manufacturers on Capital Hill.

APPA Industry Cooperation

 APPA is actively involved in pursuing cooperative efforts on a variety of issues with other pet industry representatives including the Pet Advocacy Network, the Pet Food Institute, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Animal Health Institute, the Cat Fanciers Association and the American Kennel Club, to name a few.  APPA participates in various coalitions that are looking at issues that will impact the broader pet industry including the legal status of animals and the public’s perception of the industry.

APPA Industry Events

 APPA provides educational opportunities that focus on legal and regulatory compliance at its annual trade show, the Global Pet Expo, that is jointly presented with the Pet Industry Distributors Association, and through a series of on-going Web seminars. For example, at Global Pet Expo, APPA coordinates Government Affairs subcommittee meetings featuring guest speakers who are experts in their field to share their knowledge in areas that will help APPA members grow their businesses. Past series included talks on the popularity of novel ingredients in pet products and the emerging use of antioxidants for pets, and an annual  regulatory  update. Also,  APPA’s  Web casts provide timely information on compliance issues in the fields of pet food, pesticides, import and export issues as well as other regulatory issues. Our expert consultants in various product areas are on hand to answer questions and provide advice with specific regulatory issues.


 APPA members are encouraged to participate in these and other government and regulatory issues by contacting Julia Fidenzio-Alicia,   Vice President, Government Affairs, and General Counsel by phone at (203) 532-3632 or e-mail at