January 2007 / Issue 13

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Chairman's Message

The Year Ahead Looks Bright for the Pet Industry In Andy Messinger’s message as outgoing Chairman of APPMA, he takes a look at the state of the industry and the roll manufacturers, pet industry organizations and associations must play to keep the industry’s future bright...For complete story, click here


This issue’s top headlines include APPMA announces 2007 Webcast series, New Directors on the APPMA Board, New APPMA Members, 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey coming soon....click here to read all these stories and more

Show Shakedown

Yet Another Top Ten List – How Original I am writing this the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Every magazine and TV show is featuring some sort of Top Ten List.  Top ten books of 2006; top ten movies of 2006; top ten stupid things Britney Spears has done in the third week of December.  You get the idea.  Since it is easier to copy an idea than to come up with something original, I offer you the top ten things you need to do to get ready for Global Pet Expo...For the complete story, click here

Shipping Solutions

Shipping Solutions Offered to APPMA Members through Freightquote.com Freightquote.com® is the leading provider of web-based freight transportation management services for small businesses. Their tools allow APPMA Members to compare a wide range of carriers, choose the best rate and service for their needs, and manage all their shipments with one simple solution...For complete story, click here

PIJAC Perspectives

Best Management Practices for Dogs and Cats Are on the Horizon in 2007 On the heels of the pet industry’s national distribution of Animal Care Guidelines for the Retail Pet Industry PIJAC is initiating Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the sale of dogs and cats.  These standards are intended to apply to breeders, commercial distributors of dogs and cats and the pet stores that sell them...For the complete story, click here


Maximizing Media Exposure at Global Pet Expo 2007 With Global Pet Expo just around the corner, now’s the time to get your press kits assembled, your company spokesperson lined up and to make sure to monitor your weekly e-updates for pre-show publicity opportunities! ...For complete story, click here

Legal Briefs

As most APPMA members are aware, attendance at trade shows can present problems associated with the infringement or loss of intellectual property rights.  To avoid these issues, members should take steps to ensure that disclosure of intellectual property at Global Pet Expo and other public forums does not weaken the value of any intellectual property assets...For the complete story, click here

Insurance Update

Employment Practices Risk Management: Protecting Your Company Despite the short history, employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) is in great demand by employers large and small. More and more newspaper headlines report sexual harassment lawsuits, age discrimination lawsuits, and wrongful termination suits. Increased frequency has also been seen in claims resulting from third party actions against employers as well as in claims resulting from your employees actions at another employers site. As these trends continue to grow, all employers should be concerned about the rising cost of litigation...For the complete story, click here 

Meet Your APPMA Staff

Meet APPMA Senior Vice President Andrew Darmohraj In this Advisor feature, one APPMA staff member will be profiled each quarter to give you an opportunity to get to know them better. Find out about what each individual is doing to serve members and the pet industry. The second in this series highlights APPMA Senior Vice President Andy Darmohraj...For the complete story, click here

Industry Insight

Making Ourselves Proud
As you have heard from me a number of times over the past several months the industry produced Animal Care Guidelines are a real feather in all of our caps.  We had a very diverse group of participants with very different business agendas meeting for more than two years trying to develop a plan for the good of the industry...For complete story, click here


Sponsorship Opportunities

A Very Special Thank You to The 2007 Global Pet Expo Sponsors! Once again exhibitors took advantage of Sponsorship Opportunities for Global Pet Expo next month.  Besides receiving several benefits, sponsors also found value when investing in these show promotions.  Look for these sponsors advertised in the Trade Show Directory, Show Dailies and on signage in key locations on the Trade Show floor and Registration areas while at the Show in February...For complete story, click here

Distributor Dialogue

Whatever happened to win-win? For years, manufacturers and distributors have recited the mantra that the key to happiness is found in win-win relationships. Achieve win-win, and all your problems will be solved. Distributors will be loyal, grateful customers who purchase more of everything you make regardless of product quality...For complete story, click here

Referral Network

Are you seeking new business opportunities? The Referral Network may have just what you’re looking for. The online referral network allows APPMA members to post a listing for FREE in one of six different categories, including a section dedicated to “Reps Wanted”.  Also listed are business opportunities, job openings and other services available to the APPMA membership. Click here for more information.

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