January 2007 / Issue 13

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Chairman's Message

The Year Ahead Looks Bright for the Pet Industry

By Andrew Messinger
Chairman of the Board, APPMA

Andrew Messinger

With the New Year, it is natural to look forward, not just to the upcoming Global Pet Expo, but also to consider the state of the pet industry and our outlook for the future.  Clearly, the pet industry is healthy.  Reports from public companies in the pet business show growth and optimism and the fact that nearly 200 new companies have applied for membership in APPMA are both good indicators of the vitality of the pet business.

In order to ensure that this growth continues it must be accompanied by safe and responsible pet care.  APPMA and the industry’s other associations must continue to work together.  The recent publication of The Animal Care Guidelines was the result of a cooperative effort by APPMA, PIJAC, PIDA, WWPIA, H.H. Backer as well as other industry organizations and is an excellent example of how we can combine resources from a number of groups into a project that benefits everyone.  Similarly, the success of the Global Pet Expo, a joint venture between APPMA and PIDA, is another example of the growing level of cooperation of associations. This collaborative effort has resulted in a sold-out show both last year and this year and a positive future outlook.

To provide for a smooth path for the pet industry going forward, such initiatives must continue, and APPMA is in a position to lead such efforts. A major part of APPMA’s Strategic Plan is to continue to emphasize such intra-association cooperation.  Right now, we are working with PIJAC to see how APPMA can apply some of our resources to maintain strong PIJAC membership and be certain that PIJAC can continue its important legislative and regulatory work. We can never overstate the importance of PIJAC to our industry’s success and its future, and we must not be complacent about supporting this vital organization.

PIJAC has been successful in ensuring the availability of companion animals, and APPMA is committed to supporting PIJAC going forward.  That requires not only a financial commitment, but also an active role in helping PIJAC with education, communication, and other important functions.  I encourage all APPMA members and others in the Pet Industry to recognize that strong trade organizations are key to our future success. Please do your part and help our industry continue to thrive.

It has been an honor to serve as Chairman of APPMA’s Board of Directors for the last two years.   I look forward to continuing on the Board and working to keep our industry vital and healthy.

Andrew R. Messinger