January 2007 / Issue 13

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Sponsorship Opportunities

A Very Special Thank You to The 2007 Global Pet Expo Sponsors!

By Marian Thielsen
Director of Marketing, APPMA

Marian Thielsen

Once again, exhibitors took advantage of Sponsorship Opportunities for Global Pet Expo next month.  Besides receiving several benefits, sponsors also found value when investing in these show promotions.  Look for these sponsors advertised in the Trade Show Directory, Show Dailies and on signage in key locations on the Trade Show Floor and Registration areas while at the Show in February.  In addition, sponsors’ logos and website links are highlighted on the Global Pet Expo website under the Buyer and Press tabs or visit here.

The APPMA Staff would especially like to thank this year’s sponsors:

Badge Holder and Lanyard
Booth# 2925

BMB Pet/Rose America Corporation
2-Sided Freestanding Framed Panel
Booth# 379

BowTie, Inc.
Networking Reception
Booth# 2235

Morning Coffee Station All Three Days
Booth# 463 & 563

Central Life Sciences (Farnam)
Light Boxes
Booth# 1635

GPC Pet Products
Room Keys
Booth# 2001

Jungle Labs
Offsite Media Reception
Booth# 713

Multivet International, Inc.
Offsite Media Reception
Booth# 2579

Nestle Purina PetCare
Offsite Media Reception
Booth# 1435

Penn Plax
4 One-sided Freestanding Framed Panel
Booth# 1201

Pet Naturals of Vermont
Lobby Distribution
Retention Email to Pre-Registered Buyers
Booth # 2446

PolyBrite International
One-sided Freestanding Framed Panel
Booth# 110

Offsite Media Reception
Press Office
Booth# 1101

Skamper Ramp
Offsite Media Reception
Booth# 2851

United Pet Group/Jungle Labs
Offsite Media Reception
Booth# 713

Veterinary Ventures
Offsite Media Reception
Booth# 608

Two Flags
Light Boxes
Back Panel of Tradeshow Floor Map
Booth# 1763

Woofle Petcare Ltd.
New Product Showcase Reference Guide
Booth# 2907

World Wide Pet Industry Association
6-One Freestanding Framed Panels
Booth# 1410

Look for new and exciting sponsorship opportunities coming this spring for Global Pet Expo 2008.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions about sponsorships and what they can do for your company.  I can be reached at 203-532-3601 or marian@appma.org.