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Tierra Griffiths / Julie Rowe / Leah Nelson

2007 APPA Holiday Pet Gift Guide

GREENWICH, CT, November 26, 2007 - Pet owners are expected to spend more than 40 billion dollars on their pets in 2007! According to the 2007-2008 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey, 56% of dog owners and almost half of cat owners will buy their pets a gift this holiday season.

From high tech interactive toys, do-it-yourself dog bone decorating kits, environmentally friendly pet beds to no-mess paint kits for dogs and cats, there is a gift for every pet and every pet parent.

Please consider the following new and unique Holiday Pet Gift Ideas hand selected from APPA’s 900 member companies for fun holiday feature articles.We would be happy to supply you with product samples, photos, and an interview with APPA President, Bob Vetere on gift trends or any other information.If we can help you out in any way please let us know.

We have compiled a unique list of pet products, broken down into categories, of gift ideas for any pet or pet parent on your shopping list this holiday season. Contact Leah Nelson at 775-322-0755 or email at


Interactive Products

  • Bring out the artist in your pet with Art-Casso LLC’s Pup-Casso and Kitty-Casso, the world's first NO-Mess paint kits for pets. Cats and dogs alike can unleash their inner artist and create a fetching masterpiece you’ll cherish forever.The patent pending system is just good clean fun for your dog or cat.Paws stay clean and dry.
  • Give your indoor cat some exercise this holiday season with SmartyKat® Electronic Toys by Worldwise. SmartyKat® LocoLaser™ interactive laser light toy will get your feline moving in a flash! Point and move the light to replicate the lightning-quick movement of prey. SmartyKat® RunawayRascal™ remote-controlled mouse toy improves on nature by putting the pulse-quickening fun of a mouse chase in your hands. Use the cute, cheese-wedge-shaped remote with controls easy enough for a child to start the wheels turning on our plush catnip-filled mouse toy. SmartyKat® Loco!Motion™ automated activity toy is a battery-operated exercise machine disguised as a fun interactive toy. Your cat will have such a good time chasing the wildly moving feathered wand.               

Dog Toys

  • Planet Dogs’ new Orbee-Tuff® Snowball is sure to create fun for your dog all year long.This 2 ½” winter-white ball won’t melt like your run-of-the-mill snowball.As the seasons turn, it can be frozen to bring back the true feeling of winter and provide a "cool" summer treat.The Orbee-Tuff® Snowball features a Treat Spot™ for stuffing healthy treats, spreads and other Christmas “cookies” that may show up in a dog’s
  • For the soft and squeaky toy lovers, Planet Dog is offering two new toys:The “Naughty and Nice Lil’ Buds” and the “Gingerbread Buddy.”The Naughty and Nice Lil’ Buds are designed for small to medium dogs.Sold as a pair, each stands 5” tall.One Bud is embroidered with “naughty” and the other, “nice.” The Gingerbread Buddy is soft and sweet with a jolly ‘ol squeak.Standing at 9” tall, this toy is just right for medium to large dogs who love to have a buddy around at all times.For bigger dogs who love to squeak, Planet Dog also offers a 12” long Big Red
  • PetQwerks’ new Babble Ball will keep your dog on his toes! Babble Balls' motion sensors are so sensitive that your pet simply walking by or breathing on it is enough to set it off!!  "Hey, what are you doing?"  "GRrrrrr" and "Sweet Puppy!"  are just a few of the more than twenty phrases that are emitted!  Available in three sizes. Check out Animal Sounds Ball, Blinky Balls and Incredibubbles – non toxic bubbles that don’t pop when they land.Watch your pet chase after the bubbles and pounce on them to finally make them pop!

Cat Toys

  • Your cat will go crazy for the Yeowww! Yeowww!-tide Candy Cane.This candy cane toy is oversized and stuffed full of Yeowww! 100% organically grown catnip. Festive colors and fussy fabric are sure to inspire Yeowww!-tide Joy in kitty this holiday season!
  • Ethical Products, Inc’s new Christmas Chenille Rams are adorable cat teasers in oh-so-soft chenille fabric. Each ram features a teaser string, gold heart with holly emblem and catnip for that little bit of extra fun. Available in three colors -red, green and gold.Also try out the Reindeer, Santa or Snowman styled Christmas plush, rope toys and

High-Tech Products

  • The new QuickFinder® Clipper is a nail clipper for dogs (up to 75 lbs), cats and small animals, and birds that utilizes QuickSensor Technology that senses your pet's quick and gives visual cues as to when it is safe and when it is not safe to begin clipping. Our patented design utilizes sensor technology to detect nail differences between the live blood of your pet's quick, and the dead skin of the nail and claw, and avoids the pain and bleeding often associated with clipping nails.QuickSensor senses with a circuit-board precision, when it is safe to cut, when to be cautious, and when it is not safe to cut.Red-Yellow-Green. Green means Go!It is fast, safe and easy to use.
  • Petmate’s new Heated Beds keep pets cozy and soothes aching joints.There’s a Round Heated Bed ideal for cats, a Heated Pillow Bed plus a Heated Ortho Bed with orthopedic foam.The easy-care beds feature removable, machine-washable covers with thick, natural Berber and micro suede/faux leather fabric plus a six-foot, PVC-coated, chew-resistant power cord for added safety.
  • Keep kitty away from the Christmas tree with SSSCAT® by Multivet International.Using patented spray technology and a motion detector, SSSCAT® helps protect indoor areas and objects from cats within a radius of 3 feet (1 meter).The device detects a cat’s movement as it approaches an off-limit zone then releases a brisk harmless spray.Once the cat makes the association with the spray, he will stay away.

Gifts for Pet Parents

  • Just in time for the holidays, T.F.H. Publications offers great reads for pets and their owners to enjoy throughout the year.Owners and their dogs will enjoy the paw-lickin’- good recipes and ideas in a fun new, fully-illustrated, step-by-step book PupSnacks: 35 Delicious and Healthy Recipes to Bark Home About. For the dog owner wanting to take pet care beyond the basics comes Pamper Your Pooch: Grooming Techniques, Spa Cuisine, Plus Fitness and Style Ideas for the Chic Canine. And for any dog – or cat – owner looking to keep their pet active and engaged while having a good time, are 50 Games to Play with Your Cat!
  • A perfect gift for pet parents, Lang’s new pet Wall Calendars will surely be a hit for everyone.Perfect for the home or office the Lang calendars showcase beautiful animal artwork from many of today’s leading
  • Lang’s new Go Everywhere Travel Mug takes you from work to the weekend.The 16 ounce ceramic mugs feature full color exterior artwork.Mugs come in a decorative box for gift
  • A must for pet parents who love to cycle.Midnight Pass Inc’s new Pet Cruiser® Wicker Cruiser™ replicates the famous English bike basket but is specifically re-designed for your pet's comfort. Deep enough to comfortably fit a cat or small dog up to 13 lbs and 13" at the shoulders. Good for hauling groceries too. Includes universal handlebar bracket, removable safety cage, short leash and washable comfy pad. Weighs less than 5
  • Cain & Able Collection’s new polished stainless steel Paw-shaped Stocking Holder will keep your pet’s stocking place this holiday season! The chromed base is heavy enough to anchor all of your pet’s Holiday loot and the striking paw shape will enhance any holiday decor.

Dog Treats

  • Let your pooch enjoy all the holiday fixings this year! Real Food Toppers are premium selections of 100% whole, U.S. human grade meat, vegetables and fruit that are gently freeze dried using the same techniques as NASA to assure nutritional value and freshness. Unlike any other treat in the pet industry, the product’s ingredients are listed in bold color using extra large fonts.Available in eight flavors including Holiday, with real turkey and plump cranberries! Each pouch of Real Food Toppers includes no more than three single ingredients.Each variety of Real Food Toppers is 100% whole foods that are USDA inspected and approved for human consumption.
  • Happy Hound Biscuit Co.’s new Dip-a-Dog-a-Bone is a fun treat for Fido and his owner!The Dip-a-Dog-a-Bone is a do-it-yourself dog bone decorating kit. It’s simple – heat up the vanilla dipping sauce, dip the pre-baked bone and decorate with sprinkles – a home made treat sure to please any dog!
  • Fill your dog’s stocking with Pampered Pet Treats’ Peanut Butter & Honey Dog Cookies.Pampered Pet Treats Natural Cookies for dogs are made with human-grade, USA ingredients and are baked in the US. Our Peanut Butter and Honey Dog Cookies main ingredient is oatmeal which give them a soft texture and makes them easy to digest. These cookies are enjoyed by toy, senior and all sizes of dogs. The cookies are Wheat and Corn- Free. Available in gift bags or snapware

Pet Furniture

  • Petmate’s Boutique Toy Boxes for Cats and Dogs keeps your pet’s clutter under control.These trendy faux-leather toy boxes conveniently control clutter. The spacious, felt-lined cases come in luxurious, warm colors with designer accent stitching.
  • Nothing but fancy for your feline or pooch! Petmate’s new Boutique Indoor Pet Home is an ultra-elegant resting place for cats or small to medium-sized dogs. This stylish, faux-leather Indoor Pet Home includes an interior pad with a removable, washable cover for easy care.Comes in trendy Burgundy or Dark
  • West Paw Design’s latest eco-friendly pet products, the Eco Nap dog mat and Eco Toys are made from recycled post consumer soda pop bottles.The Eco Nap dog mat is made from 85 percent recycled soda pop bottles and is incredibly soft and plush.The added layer of support consists of batting comprised of 50 percent long staple IntelliLoft fiberfill.The Eco Nap is machine wash and dry.The mats are available in three color combinations. Eco Toys are durable and fun, made from IntelliTex™ and stuffed with IntelliLoft™.Eco Toys feature a frog, salamander and a    
  • Help out man’s best friend, with PetStairz new products for big dogs and cats.The new pet stairs are geared towards breeds from 70 to 200 pounds. Constructed from high density polyurethane foam with the same upholstered quality beige Sherpa (shearling) covers for traction and
  • Your best furry friend deserves some bling too!Lupine Inc.’s Bling Bonz dog collars and leads feature woven designs with shiny silver or gold threads woven into the webbing in several different patterns. Durable and colorfast.Available in various

Grooming Products

  • It’s a winning combination for fussy felines! Kool Katz Waterless Shampoo goes beyond keeping your cat clean.It effectively cleans without the use of water – no water, no rinsing, no mess.It rids odor, dander and reduces shedding.Great for grooming, spot cleaning and for
  • Keep it green and enviro-friendly with Simple Solution® Natural Pet Bathing Shampoo cleans and conditions with all natural ingredients absent of harsh preservatives.  It is suitable for all skin types and formulated with nourishing, essential fatty acids and oatmeal, helping to control flaking and scaling.  Made with a pleasing sweet almond extract that promotes hydration and leave your pet’s coat looking lustrous and feeling soft.

Products for Pets on the Go!   

  • Veterinary Ventures Inc.’s new Hydro-Go™ Portable Pet Canteen features a convenient fold out bowl which allows for easy drinking when you’re away from home. And, its unique design allows for quick clean up. The bowl and canteen work together to form a funnel, easily allowing the unused water to be poured back into the canteen.The bowl also easily detaches, allowing the canteen to be used as a second bowl, giving you a food and water bowl. The Hydro-Go™ has a wide, adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. It holds 36 ounces of water and is dishwasher safe.
  • Pet parents and pet lovers rejoice!Pet Human Designs brand new E.B.D. Carry-all is an all-in-one travel bag for your dog!A doggie diaper bag if you will!Designed by an ergonomist, the E.B.D. Carry-all is the perfect solution for the pet parent on-the-go who wants to carry “Everything But the Dog!”It includes coordinated food and water bowls, indoor/outdoor blanket and a freezable gel pack.The E.B.D. Carry-all has an integrated poop bag dispenser pocket, temporary leash lock and specially designed pockets to hold sanitation canisters, cell phone/mp3 player and vet records.With eight additional interior pockets and a large space for a blanket, pet parents have more than enough room for Fido’s favorite items!
  • Kurgo’s Auto Zip Line™ is a convenient safety harness and restraint system for dogs.The secured line features a plastic coated tension cable that attaches between the two rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run for the Kurgo™ dog harness.With the Auto Zip Line™, a dog has the freedom of moving around in the back seat while providing safety in case of sudden stops.
  • Doggles new Sierra Dog Supply™ line of outdoor gear for dogs combines function and style. Sierra Dog Flotation Jacket (life jacket). Human life jackets keep our noses out of the water, why wouldn’t vests for dogs? Finally, for the first time, there is one! The patent pending jacket has an attachable and removable chin float that keeps a dog’s nose out of the water.If you’re heading out on the trail, take along the Sierra Dog Waterproof Backpack. The expandable packs have a more ergonomic and comfortable fit around the dog’s shoulder to help fight fatigue.The packs are water and stain resistant, with wide mouth openings and inner compartments and reflective

Fish Products

  • For fish enthusiasts of all ages - Tetra has just introduced Disney and Disney Pixar 1.5 gallon Aquarium kits, ornaments and backgrounds. There’s something magical in the water!The new themes include Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Add some feng shui to your fish aquarium with Casco Group’s Feng Shui Pebbles to the line of biOrb Aquarium Decorations.Suitable for all aquariums, available in five pebble colors. More than just rocks - each color has a different “meaning”, inviting beneficial energies and bringing balance and harmony to the environment.All colors deepen in water and can be used to help anchor plants.Choose from Flame Red and Rainbow Gold for luck and prosperity, Chinese Green for health and vitality, Pure White for spiritual purity, and Midnight Black to banish negative

Small Animal/Bird Products

  • Give even your smallest pets their own adventure with Prevue Pet Products’ Small Animal Playpen. The playpen provides an excellent exercise and play area for ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals. It consists of 8 white, powder-coated panels that are 29”H and 18”L, creating almost 10 sq feet of play area. The playpen assembles easily and features full-color packaging.Add on extensions are available to create more playing
  • Satisfy your bird’s natural instinct to forage for food with a Barrel of Fun toy, by Nature’s Instinct.Build your bird’s brilliance by teaching your bird to unlock the chamber and reveal hidden treats!

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