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Contact: Jamie Baxter
The Impetus Agency

New Pets Add Life Video Highlights How A Pet Sees You Through The Most Challenging Of Times

- The latest video from A Pet Sees You campaign written and directed by Gen Z creators, shows the emotional benefits of pets through personal stories -

STAMFORD, CONN. – American Pet Products Association (APPA) CEO Steve King announced that the Association’s initiative Pets Add Life (PAL) released a powerful new video as part of its A Pet Sees You campaign. Following in the footsteps of the campaign’s first video launched last October, the new one highlights the emotional health benefits of pet ownership specifically for the members of the Gen Z population. 

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Gen Z is significantly more likely than other generations to report their mental health as fair or poor.   

“We acknowledge that times are incredibly stressful for everyone right now, but our younger generations in particular tend to bear the weight of that stress and anxiety, and need our attention now more than ever,” said King.  

Research from the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey found that more than any other generation, Gen Z identifies stress relief (66 percent) and reduced levels of anxiety and depression (61 percent) as specific health benefits of pet ownership.     

King also noted, “In this campaign, we knew authenticity was of utmost importance and wanted this generation to tell their stories in their own words with their real-life animal companions by their sides. It is truly powerful to witness how impactful pets can be in helping them through these trying times.” 

Captured in short-film format, this latest video weaves together content created by 6 Gen Z individuals, as they navigate through the struggles and challenges they face on a daily basis, all the while accompanied by their pets who clearly provide comfort and support.   Watch the YouTube video here or visit

“A growing amount of scientific research supports the power of the human-animal bond as a way of improving both the mental and physical wellbeing of humans,” said King.  “We’re incredibly proud of these talented young individuals for sharing their stories and helping us further reinforce the science behind the pet-effect.”  

In conjunction with the new A Pet Sees You video launch, PAL has provided links on its website to mental health lifelines, quizzes to help respondents find their perfect pet, influencer testimonials, a pet finder and conversation starters to help teens talk to their parents about getting a pet. 

For more information on A Pet Sees You, visit or contact Jamie Baxter at    


Pets Add Life
Founded by the American Pet Products Association, Pets Add Life (PAL) is a nonprofit campaign dedicated to sharing information about how pet ownership benefits animals and people alike. PAL’s mission is to increase awareness of the bonds and other rewards associated with pets of all types. Primarily through social media with videos, contests and engaging content, PAL spreads the joys of pets and aims to deliver key messages about the human-animal bond, responsible pet ownership, pet acquisition and health benefits of pets. Learn more about Pets Add Life at

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