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"HOWL-O-WEEN" Going to the Dogs

- The American Pet Products Association Releases Hot Halloween Pet Products and Safety Tips for Growing Number of Pet Trick-or-Treaters -

GREENWICH, CT, May 27, 2004 - Americans have unmasked a new side of Halloween and it's definitely hairy. The furriest member of American families is making its way into Halloween festivities and the pet industry is responding with a plethora of costumes, treats and safety products to make this scary season fun for pets.

"There are so many great products hitting the market that can make Halloween enjoyable for pets," said Bob Vetere, COO and Managing Director of the American Pet Products Association. "As long as pet owners use good judgment and make sure their pet is comfortable in costumes or party situations, pets can really benefit from the added attention and affection they'll get for being so festive."

Topping the list of hot Halloween products is APPA's 2004 New Product Showcase Holiday Category Winner, Halloween Mask Cards by Avanti Press Inc. These unique gift cards are the same size as a standard mailing card but include a detachable mask in a variety of designs for your furry friend. These are great for your pet or to send to your pet-owning friends.

When it comes to costumes- make your dog the king! Fox & Hounds has teamed up with Elvis Presley Enterprises to produce the first ever Elvis Presley line of pet accessories. The Hound Dog Collection includes blue suede collars, leather canine jackets, Jailhouse Rock T-shirts and caps, sunglasses, pink car toys, jump suits, white leather Vegas collars, guitar treat tins, and peanut butter and banana treats modeled after the king's favorite snack.

Rubies Costume Company also offers a distinct line of pet costumes including such characters as a cowboy and Batman. The company also offers Halloween-themed bandanas featuring sayings such as "does tricks for treats."

Make your pet glow with lighted dog products from Tobz Corporation- they're fun and safe. The collection includes lighted leashes, collars, harnesses, armbands and clip-on markers. The products, which are available in four colors, are visible from more than 1,000 feet and are water resistant, washable and come with a 200-hour replacement battery.

PolyBrite International also makes a lighted collar. This nylon collar fitted with a red light and sewn with reflective stitching improves safety by providing users with the best of both worlds- illumination and reflectivity.

Turn some heads while out trick-or-treating with Pet Blinkers from Flipo Group Limited. The blinkers attach to the collar and emit a multicolor flashing light that will attract attention to your pet and help keep them safe while out at night.

For treats- the Jack O' Ringo dog toy by Planet Dog is an orange and black tennis ball sized toy that's peppermint scented, durable, bouncy and buoyant. Its Saturn-like rings produce unpredictable bounces sure to make tails wag on Halloween.

Chomp, Inc. offers pet "candy" including Yip Yap¨ doggie breath mints, Sniffers™ beef and cheese "candy" for dogs and Pit'r Pat¨ breath mints for cats. They are reminiscent of human candy, but safe for pets.

If you can't take the rodent to the patch, take the patch to the rodent. Pumpkin Patch Grainola Bars by Sun Seed Company for rats, mice and other rodents are packed with pumpkin seeds, vegetable rings and farm fresh grains that will make your pet feel like it's down on the farm.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reminds responsible pet owners to keep the following tips in mind to better ensure a happy and safe Halloween for the entire family:

  • Trick-or-treat candies for humans are not for pets: Chocolate is poisonous to many animals, and tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed. Remind children not to share goodies with pets.
  • Be cautious of using candles in your pumpkins and consider safe alternatives that will not pose any threats of fire hazard or potential burns to your children or pets.
  • When dressing up a pet, make sure the costume isn't constricting or unsafe and be careful not to obstruct your pet's vision. If your pet resists costuming, do not insist as it can cause stress to your pet. Never leave a pet in costume unattended.
  • Scary isn't fun for everyone. Be aware that strangely pitched music, weird noises, odd clothing and lots of excitement can be taxing on your pet. Make sure to provide a quiet place for them to retreat if needed.
  • Be careful your pet doesn't dart out through an open door as they might be frightened by trick-or-treaters.
  • Even if your pet is not frightened by trick-or-treaters, remember that trick-or-treaters may be frightened by your pet if met at the door.

Founded in 1958, the American Pet Products Association is the nation’s leading not-for-profit trade organization serving the interests of the pet product industry and educating the public on the many joys and health benefits associated with pet ownership. APPA’s membership consists of over 750 companies, which include both small businesses, as well as the nation’s leading pet product companies.