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Jamie Brant                                            


Survey Says: Bird Ownership Brings Joy

- According to the 2009/2010 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, bird owners reported “fun to watch and have in the household” as the number one benefit to owning a bird.-

(GREENWICH, CT) Pet birds have flown their way into the heart and homes of American families. According to the 2009/2010 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, bird owners reported fun to watch/have in the household and companionship/love/company/affection as top benefits to ownership. One-third of bird owners even made provisions in their will and named a caretaker or guardian for their bird. Cockatiels, which represent 35% of all birds owned, continue to be the most popular type, while Parakeets are the second most popular, at 32%. Interestingly, the recent Survey reports the highest level of those owning large birds (21%) in a decade.  

            Here are some popular bird products produced by APPA members to help owners get excited about their pets:

 Birdola®Plus™ Cake

This two-pound cake contains black oil sunflower seeds, safflower, peanuts, white proso millet, calcium and grit for feeding wild birds. The seeds are held together with a natural binder allowing the birds to peck away their favorite seeds while keeping the cake intact.

 Parrot Wrapz

These Wrapz allow you to dress your parrot with style and fashion for any holiday or occasion. They even compliment your parrot's personality. The Wrapz provide protection against the elements of weather, for those cold winter days and those warm summer nights. The Wrapz cover the parrot's chest and back, which is the primary plucking area, and provides safe and comfortable protection.

 Polly Wanna Pinata by Fetch it Pets 

These pinatas are made out of all natural, non-toxic, 100% bird friendly materials and are available in two sizes. Owners can purchase Polly Wanna Pinatas either pre-filled with a healthy treat mixture of banana chips, raisins, pineapple and papaya or they can add their own toy or treat filling.

Go Green Bamboo Perch by Sweet Feet & Beak

This perch is guaranteed to keep birds’ nails and beaks healthy and trimmed. The Go Green Bamboo Perch comes in all natural shapes and sizes to allow birds to exercise their feet and legs. There are no glued surfaces and the therma-soft light weight design cleans easily with soap and water or bird safe disinfectant.

 Prevue Hendryx Featherstone Heights Brownstone Bird Cage

Featherstone Heights are designer bird cages which replicate classic American home styles. The cages feature generous floor plans, a removable grille floor and pull-out drawer for easy cleaning. Each cage includes two outside access feed cups, two perches and has a large entry door and top access door. All cages are individually packed in full-color display boxes and are perfect for all small birds up to cockatiels.

Shoulder Cape by Big Bird Products

The Shoulder Capes are made of poly/cotton prints, which are durable and washable fabrics with a cream colored poly/cotton lining. Shoulder Capes are great for all bird owners and are designed for long comfort and protective wear, while going about daily routines. They have a heavy Velcro fastener in the front and 2 “D” shape rings sewn on for interchanging bird toys and easy cleaning. There is even a treat pocket for storing your bird’s favorite snack.

Hartz Bonanza Parakeet Diet

Scientifically-formulated to meet the nutritional needs of Parakeets, this diet contains carefully selected ingredients that taste great and are also good for your pet. Delivering the right blend of delicious ingredients, it ensures optimal consumption, which aids in providing complete nutrition. Hartz Bonanza® Diet is also vitamin-fortified for your pet’s well being.

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