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Jamie Baxter
The Impetus Agency

APPA Celebrates Reptile Awareness Day

- APPA offers a look at some of its members’ products created specifically for reptiles as the October 21 observance approaches-

(Greenwich, CT) – The American Pet Products Association (APPA) announced that as Reptile Awareness Day approaches October 21, many of its members offer products specific to caring for these pets. This observance encourages reptile owners to share their passion for their pets and serves to educate others on responsible reptile care. Below is a sample of reptile products that enhance the experience of responsible pet ownership!

Most reptiles need a heat source for their favorite activity, basking. The ReptoHeat Dual Temp Basking Heater by Tetrafauna provides reptiles with proper basking heat and has dual mounting options to fit different terrariums. The internal microcomputer controls the basking temperature with precision, ensuring that reptiles ingest the exact amount of basking heat needed to be healthy.

Price: $17.99

For those foodie reptiles, Tasty Grubs by Tasty Worms Nutrition are a delicious treat made of dried black soldier fly larvae which have a heightened amount of calcium to phosphorus ratio. This reduces the need for any calcium supplementation for reptiles. The treats are also a great protein source and provide a balanced diet.

Price: $4.99-14.99

Small Wooden Platforms by Prevue Pet Products give reptiles a place to sit, climb and rest. This satisfies their natural instinct to be above ground level for eating and sleeping. It’s also a great place for basking in the heat. This platform comes with hardware that makes it easy to attach to other items in the terrarium.

Price: $10.99

Turtles will go crazy for the Omega One Adult Turtle Sticks and Juvenile Turtle Pellets by OmegaSea. They provide turtles with whole fresh seafood ingredients and have high levels of omega fatty acids which help strengthen the immune system. In addition, they are loaded with natural color enhancers to keep turtles healthy and beautiful.

Price: $3.99- 17.99

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