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Julie Rowe or Jamie Baxter

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APPA Celebrates “Take Your Pet to Work Day” With a Look at Convenient, Office-Friendly Pet Products

(Greenwich, CT) – In preparation for Take Your Pet to Work Day on June 24, 2016, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) is helping pet owners prepare with a look at convenient products that will help Fido have a more enjoyable experience in the office. According to APPA’s National Pet Owner’s Survey, eight percent of all U.S. pet owners are allowed to bring their pet to work.


“At APPA we proudly embrace offering a pet-friendly workplace,” said APPA Executive Vice President & COO Andy Darmohraj. “While this does not work for all companies, studies have shown that pets reduce stress which can ultimately increase productivity. We’ve had dogs, cats and fish at our office over the years and they have been a source of joy and a real morale booster.”


If your company is celebrating Take Your Pet to Work Day, these products might be useful in assisting pets adjust to this new atmosphere.

Having a gate in your office or workspace can help with co-workers that may not want direct interaction with your pet but need to talk to you. They are also helpful in making sure your pet does not leave the office if they tend to wander. Cardinal Gates makes a variety of gates that will work for a variety of office settings. They range from auto-lock door gates to a freestanding panel gates.


Food and drink for your pet is made easy with this Adjustable Pet Feeder by Dexas. It's easy to swing open the legs and pop open the bowls for use, then collapse flat at the end of the day. The elevated position of the bowls eliminates stress placed on joints caused by leaning while eating. It’s important to remember food and especially water when bringing your pet to the office.


The Pocket FurrFighter is a useful product if you have a pet that sheds. You simply fit it over a couple of fingers and swipe over your clothing for instant hair removal. They are machine washable and reusable too! They fit easily in your pocket or purse and are perfect before heading into a meeting, should pet hair be an issue.

Keeping pets occupied for 8 hours can be difficult. Luckily, YakyCHURRO from Himalayan Corporation is a chew that can keep your dog busy for hours. It’s made in the USA and comes in 3 delicious flavors: Fish, Vegetable, and Himalayan Cheese.


It’s important to remember a leash and a pet bed (if applicable) as well to better ensure a pleasant experience. Above all, it’s important to know your pet and to decide if he/she is a good fit for your office and if the pet is comfortable interacting with strangers. And, you definitely want to check with your employer ahead of time to ensure they are agreeable to pets in the workplace.  For more information, images or interview opportunities, please contact Jamie Baxter at 775-322-4022 or




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