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Kerry Sutherland



Fish Equal Fun

- According to the 2009/2010 APPA National Pet Owners Survey,fish owners reported “fun to watch and have in the household” as the number one benefit to owning a fish.-

GREENWICH, CT– From saltwater to freshwater, big and small, fish make fun and entertaining pets.  According to the 2009/2010 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, fish owners reported fun to watch/have in the household, appearance, and relaxation/relieve stress, as top benefits to ownership.  The average number of fish owned has increased among both freshwater and saltwater fish owners  with an average of 13 freshwater fish owned in 2008 (up from 10 in 2006) and an average of 16 saltwater fish owned in 2008 (up from 12 in 2006), respectively.    Interestingly, The Survey also showed that 18% of freshwater fish owners have bought a medication for their fish.

            Here are some popular fish products manufactured by APPA members to help owners get excited about their pets:

The R2 Fish School is a complete training kit that includes everything fish owners need to teach their fish amazing tricks including basketball, fetch, limbo, and football.  It’s just too crazy to not check out, and any fish owner can do it!  



The Magic Globe Aquarium offers state of the art “water-vacuum” technology and illuminates with colorful LED system.  The top of the aquarium is sealed and the globe is completely filled with water.  Waterfalls are created on the side openings and the running water goes through a self-contained filtration system that cycles clean water back to the aquarium.  The beautiful LED system projects light spectrum that makes the Magic Globe glow in the dark and becomes a living “Magic Crystal Ball” nightlight.  It is an excellent and positive Feng Shui generator and can be used as a live fish aquarium or fun artificial swimming toy tank.

Blue Ribbon is proud to introduce its realistic collection of Decorative and Artificial Mopani Woods, each hand-crafted and adorned with natural looking silk-style plantings.  Each Exotic Environments® Mopani Wood ornament is produced from durable poly-resin material, and is 100% safe for all freshwater and marine aquariums, as well as Terrariums.  All designs feature authentic hand-painted detailed textures, realistic colors and solid one-piece construction for years of enjoyment.  Large swim-through and crawl-through chambers make them the ideal place for finned friends to explore and call their home. The company’s original designs are incomparable quality, uniquely Exotic Environments® and exclusively Blue Ribbon.

Neoaquatics has amazing Wall Mount Fish Tanks. They are approximately 81 x 22 x 6 inches and are sure to be the centers of attention in any room. The surface material comes in stainless steel, cherry wood finish, black wood and natural raw wood finish. They are designed as a “live pictures” and include most necessary accessories: filter, pump, heater, light and all installation parts for mounting on the wall.

Spongebob Aquarium Kit by Penn Plax allows the underwater world of Bikini Bottom to come out of the cartoons and into your home.  This fun 4 gallon blue plastic Spongebob set includes the aquarium, hood, 2 Bikini Bottom plants, colorful background, Gravel, Internal Filter, and a Spongebob blowing bubbles ornament. When this ornament is connected to an air pump, real bubbles actually come out.  

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