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Kerry Sutherland



Must Have Products for the New First Puppy

-The American Pet Products Association offers this year’s latest and greatest puppy products for President Obama and his family’s new pooch.-

GREENWICH, CONN- The most popular new puppy deserves only the coolest and most popular puppy products.  The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has the top picks to help the Obama family’s newest addition settle into the White House with ease.

We would be happy to supply you with product samples, photos, and an interview with APPA President, Bob Vetere on puppy trends or any other information.  If you have question regarding this press release or would like more information please feel free to contact Kerry Sutherland at 775-322-0755 or email at

  • Nearly every puppy will have an accident in the house, but with the Simple Solution® Jumpstart Training Pads, it will be easier than ever to keep the house White.  The training pads use the pet’s own “language” to encourage dog’s instinctive marking behavior and the durable lining protects the floors. Whenever the family or staff sees the puppy starting into their "pre-potty pattern," such as walking around and sniffing the floor, they just gently pick the pup up without talking, carry it over to the pad and then praise the pup when they go to the bathroom.


  • The First Family can never be too protected and with Kurgo®’s Skybox Booster Seat™ not only can small dogs travel with the busy family, but it also provides a safe means of transportation for both the puppy and the family. Kurgo®’s Skybox Booster Seat™ installs quickly and securely to the car or limousine seats and includes an adjustable tether that can easily attach to any dog harness.  


  • For the jet setting pooch, Kugo®’s Wander Carrier is a must-have for trips on board Air Force 1.  The padded adjustable shoulder strap makes the Wander Carrier easy to carry and the padded mesh interior makes it a comfortable spot for the popular pup to take in the views.  The Wander Carrier also fits compliance guidelines for most pet-friendly commercial airlines, as it easily fits below the seat in front of you.


  • The new pup is sure to become a trendsetter for pups everywhere and will need only the coolest grooming products available.  Pet Head by Bed Head TIGI has a complete line of shampoos, crème rinses and sprays are specially formulated to suit a cool canine lifestyle.  Each funky-named bottle comes in an edgy, eye-catching Bed Head-style package, and is sure to leave the First pup smelling fresh and hip. Check them out at


  • The presidential pup deserves only the healthiest treats while growing and learning.  Newman’s Own Organic Training Treats are the healthy way to get the new pup ready for its new lavish lifestyle.  They are made with organic chicken and organic grains and without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  The training sticks break easily without crumbling and are easy for owners to carry while out and about giving speeches and meeting with world  leaders.


  • With the Drinkwell® 360 Pet Fountain by Veterinary Ventures, Inc. the important pooch will never have to wait for his turn for a drink when his socialite friends come over.  The Pet Fountain allows multiple pets including cats and dogs their own fresh flowing stream of water from any angle.  By a simple turn, the flow control cap easily adjusts the intensity of the streams of water to match any spoiled pets’ preference.


  • Pet Head by Bed Head TIGI offers a line of apparel and accessories- only for cool dogs, and what is more cool than being the presidential pup.  With hats, ties, collared shirts and cuffs for boys, and dresses, necklaces, and jewel crusted shirts for girls, this pup is sure to be paparazzi-ready.


  • The Pet Loo by Pup-Pee Solutions was invented to provide peace of mind to busy dog-loving professionals, for those in-between times when they find themselves unable to walk their dog.  The Pet Loo is a lightweight box with synthetic grass that fits on a balcony or anywhere inside an apartment, so that the new pup can relieve itself when its owner can’t be there.  This is great for the traveling First Family while away from their house or the convenience of a backyard.


  • For the developing jaw and soft teeth of puppies, Planet Dog offers a line of socially responsible dog toys designed especially for the playful new family member.  The Pup Orbee-Tuff Orbo and Pup Orbee-Tuff Bone, which are available in puppy blue and pink colors in lil' and big pup sizes, are perfect for the different chewing habits of puppies since they feature a special soothing formula that has extra softness and pliability mixed in with "grown-up" durability making them ideal for teething.  The line also includes Squeaky Baby Blanket Buddies and Squeaky Alphabet Blocks, fleece toys that mimic the timeless, ultra-soft baby blanket material that babies love so much.  A portion of every Planet Dog purchase is donated to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) to support canine service programs nationwide.

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