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Julie Rowe or Jamie Brant

The Impetus Agency


No Tricks, Just Treats for Pets This Halloween

-The American Pet Products Association (APPA) offers safe treats for furry, winged and scaly pets this Halloween-

(Greenwich, CT) – Keep pets away from human candy and chocolate this Halloween and spoil them with plenty of their own tasty treats and bites. While dogs receive the most Halloween gifts from owners (6%) according to APPA’s latest National Pet Owners Survey, animals of all types can be treated and included in the festivities. Below are treats, manufactured by APPA members, to pass out to scaly, winged and furry family members this Halloween.  

Dogs: Keep dogs occupied and snacking on their own treats with Stewart Pro-Treat freeze-dried liver treats or Three Dog Bakery’s pumpkin-flavored treats.

Small Animals: Made with real vegetables for a healthy diet, Sunseed AnimaLovens are deliciously natural, oven-baked treats for small animals including pet rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. Available in Pretzel Sticks, Garden Wafers and Apple Strudel flavors too.

Birds: Treat feathered friends to a mix of healthy fruits and nuts this Halloween. Higgins Snack Attack Fruit & Stix treats feature cinnamon bark and dehydrated fruit including papaya, pineapple, juniper berries and more.

Cats: Lick and treat this Halloween with the PetSafe’s new feline Lickety Stik. The roller-stick pet treat allows cats to lap up savory flavors including turkey, dairy and tuna and features just one calorie per 10 licks.

Fish: Treat fish to nutritious and tasty flake-sized bits with Julian Sprung’s Sea Veggies by Two Little Fishies. The flakes are made from chopped natural seaweeds and don’t contain any artificial fillers.

Reptiles: Treat turtles and other reptile family members this Halloween with cactus Tortoise Treats by San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. Recommended for tortoises, bearded dragons and iguanas, the pre-cut natural treats provide pets with a great source of calcium. 

Equine: Treat horses with natural, delicious and healthy Herball treats by Hilton Herbs. The tasty green nugget bites are made from alfalfa, wheat flour and linseed mixed with generous helpings of ingredients including oregano, mint and rosemary without added sugar.

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