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Jamie Baxter

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APPA Encourages Summertime Fun with Pets

- Pet products and tips to help keep pets safe and entertained during the hot summer months -

(Greenwich, CT) – Summer days mean more daylight to enjoy activities with your pets. From playing in the backyard to taking day trips to the beach or even an overnight camping trip, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) encourages pet owners to head out and about with their four-legged friends this summer. Not only is increased bonding time beneficial to human health, but with more than 8.5 million obese or overweight dogs and 14.6 million overweight cats, (according to APPA’s 2015-2016 National Pet Owners Survey) active outings can be a great start to getting pets in shape as well. Here are some fun pet products to consider when enjoying the summer months with pets.


#1. Change up the exercise routine

For playful pets or those used to joining in on the afternoon run, it’s wise to change up the schedule to avoid the hottest points in the day. Not only can the heat be harmful to pets’ well-being, but also to their tender paws. Make playtime earlier in the morning, or later in the evening, just don’t forget it altogether. Here’s a look at new playtime products:

Provide hours of fun with non-toxic IncrediBubbles by Pet Querks Inc. Both dogs and cats love chasing and popping these long-lasting bubbles and kids will want to play too! They dry in the air and land on the ground waiting to be popped. Offered in ‘catnip infused’ for cats,  ‘peanut butter infused ’ for dogs and ‘peach infused’ for both dogs and cats. These bubbles will make any party poppin’.

Frisbee is a perfect summer pastime, so enjoy some high-flying fun with the Bottle Top Flyer by SodaPup. This durable Frisbee in the shape of a bottle cap, is made from a rubber compound that is rigid enough for great flying characteristics, but soft enough to prevent harming a dog’s mouth. It’s non-toxic, FDA compliant and manufactured in the USA.

As much fun for the owners as they are for the dogs, this new line of dog toys inspired by classic yard games is sure to entertain for hours. The Huck-It Horseshoe, Target Jack Doggie Darts and Wapple Ball are just a few names in the complete line of durable toys all made from non-toxic materials, dishwasher safe and floatable.

#2 Avoid Human Food Consumption for Pets

Summer is filled with barbeques, friends and family and new places, which can also mean a lot of opportunities for pets to get their paws on human food.  Help remind guests not to feed the pets, as it can throw them off their diets and be difficult to manage consumption.  Its also helpful to bring snacks along during outings so you don’t find them begging from passerby’s.  Here’s a look at some unique and healthy summer treating options: 

Hit the trails with nutritious Pride Mix by Wholesome Pride, a quick and healthy snack that’s great for dogs on the go. Made of dried sweet potato dices sourced directly from U.S. farmers, dried blueberries and banana chips, this mix is a guilt-free treating option for owners.

Watermelon, hamburgers and hotdogs are a just few food items we relate to summer, so why not let the dogs have some summer staples as well? Introducing Merrick’s Summer Seasonal Canned Recipes, while supplies last. Handcrafted in small batches, protein-rich and grain-free, recipes include Spangled Supper, Hot Off the Grill and brand new Texas State Fair Stew and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Ever seen a dog with a frozen treat? It's hilarious, cute and well, a pawty. The Bear & the Rat frozen yogurt has billions of live & active probiotic cultures and is free of sugar, preservatives, and canine allergens (such as corn, wheat or soy).  It’s great for doggie breath, tummy troubles & boosting overall immunity.


#3 Avoid Hot Vehicles


While we encourage pets included on the family trips, no one likes being stuck in a hot car in the middle of the summer, including pets. It’s important to understand that pets don’t produce sweat like humans and leaving them inside a hot car can be fatal.  Even 10 minutes on a hot day is too long.  Here’s a look at convenient products for pets hitting the road this summer:

Camping for the weekend? The Bed n-a Bag by Carolina Pet Company is great for small or large dogs, and provides a comfortable insulated sleeping spot. The shell material is water resistant machine washable and it comes with a convenient hideaway storage bag so owners can simply fold and go when done.

Hydrate your messy mutt.  Anywhere.  Anytime. Messy Mutts™ Travel Water Feeder by Jascor Housewares, Inc. is ideal for walks, hikes, traveling or anywhere your access to water is limited.  Just snap the bottle into the tray and squeeze! The bottle folds back into the tray for easy portability. Easy to use design includes a plastic water bottle, dispenser tray and quick release clip. BPA & PVC Free.

Perfect for homeowners, renters and vacation homes, the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e for sliding glass doors can be easily removed and reinstalled without altering the home. So no matter where one’s traveling, dogs can still enjoy fresh air and sunshine outside this summer or rest inside as they please.  The Thermo Panel comes with a choice of four pet door sizes built-in and is designed to fit in a variety of sliding glass door heights.  It even excels at keeping the cooled air inside and hot air outside where it belongs.

#4 Protect from the Sun

While summer may be full of fun outdoor activities, it’s important to always put safety first. Be aware of when the heat peaks and length of time outdoors and always make sure furry friends are protected against the damaging sunrays.  Here’s a look at a couple products to provide a barrier between pets and suns’ harmful rays:

Made using an antimicrobial fabric treated to help prevent doggy odor, the Sun Shield Tee by Gold Paw Series, LLC is a lightweight UPF50 rated garment, meaning it blocks 98% of the sun's UV rays. Whether worn indoors or out, it's great for allergies, wound care, topical medication coverage, and as a calming aid that can be worn all the time. The four light color options of the tees also help mitigate heat absorption from the sun, which can be especially nice for dogs with darker coats.

Epi-Pet Sun Protector Sunscreen is the only FDA compliant, safe and tested sunscreen for both dogs and horses. The non-greasy, quick dry formula is safe if licked after applied to the pet and provides up to 80 minutes of protection from the sun. Epi-pet Sun protector sunscreen is water and sweat resistant and can be sprayed at any angle including upside down.  Great, for all breeds, but especially short-haired breeds like boxers, bulldogs and Pit Bulls.

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