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Jamie Baxter

The Impetus Agency


‘Feline Healthy’ in Honor of Happy Healthy Cat Month

- The American Pet Products Association discusses new trends to help cats live their best. -

(Greenwich, CT) – The American Pet Products Association (APPA) is excited to share new products and trends from APPA members for cats and their owners in honor of Happy Healthy Cat Month in September. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, there are 94.2 million pet cats in the U.S. - more than dogs even!  And the current percentage of households owning a cat is the highest reported in more than two decades (38%).  Below are some recommendations from APPA members for the more than one third of the population looking to help their cats live their happiest and heathiest lives.


Treat Em Good

Caru’s Natural Recipe Bites are a small treat with big benefits.  Each bite-sized snack is packed with high quality protein and does not contain any wheat, gluten, corn or soy ingredients. Available in three flavors, including chicken, salmon and tuna.

Price: $5.99.

Diet is important for keeping a pet healthy. New Cat Pouches by Nulo offer cats a simple way to add natural, wild-caught seafood and poultry into their diet. They are made with a maximum five ingredients per pouch and are 100 percent natural with no added gums, tapioca, potato grains or other additives. Plus, it’s a great added protein and hydration to any cat’s current kibble meal or served as a tasty snack.

Price: $2.29- 19.99

For strictly indoor cats, the Let’s Stay In™ Food by Solid Gold Pet is specially formulated with more fiber and a unique blend of 20 nutritious superfoods. The extra fiber helps reduce the occurrence of hairballs and provides cats with a balanced nutrition. Available in two potato-free recipes: Chicken, Lentils and Apples and Salmon, Lentils and Apples.

Price: $14.99- $34.99

Poopy Packs for Cats™ by Metro Paws help pet owners conveniently clean up after their cats, thus creating a happier relationship between the two. These litter bags make it easy to clean one or multiple litter boxes without throwing away all the litter. Plus, they have two stylish designs and disguise what is actually inside them. Best of all they are eco-friendly.

Price: $14.99

A cat with less water time, is a happy cat. The difficult task of bathing a cat has been made easy with Pura Natural’s Waterless Foaming Cat Shampoo. Since no water is required, owners can bathe their cats struggle-free. The product is for in-between baths and quick clean ups and is infused with lavender and chamomile extract to help cats feel relaxed during the experience.

Price: $9.99

Digestive heath is important for cats, but can be hard with the amount of fur that gets stuck in their system, causing hairballs. Hairball Buster by Meowbiotics is a probiotic powder packed with 2 billion CFUs to help pass hair before it becomes a hairball. This formula is loaded with fish oil, flax seed and promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat. Plus, cats won’t be able to resist the Smoked Fish Chowdah flavor.

Price: $15.99

LifeMate’s Clumping Litter has created a way for owners to check their cat’s health with a pH indicator that changes color if a cat has a common health problem.  Many feline health problems are accompanied by a change in urinary pH from normal to high (alkaline) or low (acidic) condition.  LifeMate is designed to give the cat owner early indication of a possible health problem.  

Price: $7.99-17.99

If cats are old pros at anything, it is rest and relaxation. The Cat Scratcher Lounge by Pet Fusion gives cats their own curvy scratching surface to let them exercise their natural instinct and a comfy space to take an afternoon siesta. It’s made of recycled cardboard and nontoxic corn starch glue and is specially designed for safe and easy scratching.

Price: $49.95-59.95

For cats that love a little outdoor adventure or if owners are leash training their cats, the Cat Step-In Harness by Pet Mate is an easy way to get cats out and about. The product is part of Jackson Galaxy’s collection and is made to fit kittens and cats. The Step-In Harness has durable webbing and a Velcro buckle for added security.

Price: $19.99

The Walking Palm Cave provides a comfortable sleeping and playing burrow for cats and kittens of all sizes.  Cats love the smell and feel of the fine all-natural wool and can feel safely tucked away while still being out with the family.  Each individual cat cave is made uniquely by hand to give furry friends a personal enclosed place to retreat, stylish for any space.

Price: $69.99

Cats naturally have a playful side to them and encouraging that youthful behavior and stimulation can be very healthy. The Telescoping Rod by Nekochan is a custom design that allows multiple clip on toys at multiple lengths. With the rod’s multiple features, cats continue to be entertained and the high-quality ergonomic foam handle provides maximum comfort for owners.

Price: 39.99

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