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Julie Rowe 
The Impetus Agency

APPA Keeps Pets In Mind for Healthy Aging Month

-September’s month-long observance is a good reminder for pet owners to be proactive with their aging pets -

(Stamford, CT) – In observance of Healthy Aging Month, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) expresses the importance of healthy aging for our pets too, not just ourselves. According to APPA’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, over 50 percent of dog and cat owners feel their pet is like a family member and close to 9 million dogs and 4.7 million cats even have health insurance. There is no question that today’s pet owners want the best for their pets and September is a good reminder to make health a priority at any stage of life.  Below is a list of products manufactured by APPA members that will help pets live their best life at any age.


 Healthy Eating

Treating pets with Ostrich Jerky Treats by Mosaic Pet Food are a guilt-free option for pet owners wanting to give a reward. New allergies can come on later in life, and Ostrich is an excellent alternative protein source for dogs that may be allergic to other common proteins. Mosaic Jerky Treats are naturally loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which may support skin conditions and weight disorders as well.
Price: $13.99 – $14.99



Superfood Blends by Billy + Margot provide pets with great nutrition for a healthy life and balanced diet. All formulas have a high percentage of protein with a combination of superfoods and absolutely no grains. Their Circle of Nutrition model ensures their food sustains, enhances, connects and thrives every pet’s health.

Price: Starting at $19.99


Sometimes our aging pets need a little something to pick them up. Pet Vitality™ by Omega Alpha is a combination of formulations for stress, energy, mobility, immune health and joint health for cats and dogs. This supplement supports many natural healing pathways for pets that may need an extra source of nutrients to get them back to feeling their best. 
Price: $36.99


Avoid the “limp & gimp” with Mobility Supplement Blend by WINPRO Containing a blend of animal blood proteins and other key ingredients to support canine joint function and maintain joint mobility, help pets feel in their prime, especially during times of increased activity.

Price: $12.99



For all stages of life, Fetch Fuel by Presidio Natural Pet Co. provides pets with three unique formulas to help with their mobility, skin, coat and digestive health. Each formula is loaded with natural ingredients that provide pets with overall wellness. Plus, it’s easy to serve, just drizzle over food with the convenient squeezable pouch.

Price: $24.99


Smooth Movin'

Jumping in and out of the car isn’t easy on joints, and can lead to more injuries. The Ramp4Paws roll-up dog ramp helps dogs enter and exit vehicles without any problems. It even comes with a convenient grab bag for easy transport and storage.

Price: Starting at $189.95


Does Fido seem a little sore after an all-day hike? Hot & Cold Pet Therapy Wraps by Caldera is a wrap system designed for dogs’ aches and pains.  The easy-to-use system of reusable gel packs and coordinating wraps aids in the care of soft tissue injuries as well as supports post-operative recovery. They can be cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave and are secured with Velcro™ and with a quick release buckle, wraps can have a customized fit. 

Price: Starting at $68.99



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