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Resolve to Spruce Up Your Pet for the New Year

- The American Pet Products Association Announces Great Grooming Products for 2005 -

GREENWICH, CT, August 16, 2004 - The New Year means a fresh start, and a time to make resolutions to live life a little bit better than in years' past. As 2005 approaches and you begin to think of resolutions for yourself, The American Pet Products Association (APPA) asks you to consider adding the care of your furry, finned and winged friends to your list.

According to APPA's 2003-2004 National Pet Owners Survey, almost nine-out-of-ten dog owners and seven-out-of-ten cat owners own brushes/grooming tools for their pet. These percentages represent an overall increase in ownership of at-home grooming tools over the past decade. The increase in pet supplies sales is the largest growing category in pet spending in the U.S. - expected to grow nine percent over last year to total $7.9 billion in 2004.

As more and more Americans are pampering their faithful companions, New Year's is the perfect time to spruce up your pet. APPA has released a list of some of the hottest grooming pet products on the market including everything from nail polish for your pet to liquid-filled cotton swabs, nail clippers and pre-filled shampoo mitts.

Items sure to top pet owners' lists this year include:

  • To keep your pet from slipping inside your wet bath, try Drymate Pet Bath Mats from RPM, Inc. The inside of the tub provides safe, non-slip, firm footing for your pet. The puncture resistant backing prevents tub scratches, which is also good for outside the tub. Outside the tub the waterproof bonded backing keeps your floor dry, while soft, absorbent fabric traps dripping water to protect your floor. Your pet will love the soft fabric and non-slip, firm footing this mat provides.
  • Leaning over to wash your dog can cause discomfort. Now, with the help of Booster Bath from Paws For Thought, cleaning your dog doesn't have to be a painful experience. This portable dog bath elevates the dog to arms height and can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • To help clean up your pet after your afternoon walk, or anytime, try Petwipes from Petkin. The wipes can be used to wipe away daily dirt and odor, and are great after walks, between baths or any other time.
  • The Careful Clipper from Dogmatic Products is a major innovation in animal clippers. This clipper is sure to be a hit with an ergonomic handle and a flexible, snake-like light that allows you to see through the nail to avoid cutting too low.
  • Give your pet a great shampoo and conditioner treatment to celebrate the New Year with SheaPet's™ new line of skin and coat care products featuring shea butter as an active ingredient. A superior moisturizer and natural anti-inflammatory, shea butter effectively treats a variety of skin conditions in both humans and animals. It can improve skin appearance and calm itchy skin almost immediately.
  • The Spotless Paw will help you keep your carpet clean this New Year simply by wiping your pet's feet before it comes inside. This product is a six-fingered microfiber glove that fits on either hand and attracts dirt like a magnet without soap or water.It also hangs on a doorknob for easy access.
  • Give your tiny pet a shiny soft coat this New Year with Pets International's Petting Brushes, a new line of brushes designed exclusively for small animals. Petting Brushes feature exceptionally soft bristles that add luster to a pet's coat. Regular brushing reduces shedding, mats and tangles and prevents hairballs. Petting Brushes provide a pleasant and relaxing massage for pets while effectively removing dirt, dander and dead hair from fur.
  • Giving your pet's nails a fresh new look with OPI's Nail Pawlish is also a great way for you to bond with your furry friend this New Year. This nail polish for dogs is made from one of the top human brands, and is sure to give your pet that new look you were going for!
  • For those sensitive areas that need cleaning, try Petkin's Liquid-Filled Cleaning Swabs. These swabs, made for cats and dogs, are great for cleaning eyes, ears and teeth as well as treating mite bites and clotting blood. Simply snap the marked end of the swab and rub the other end over the area that needs to be cleaned. No water or rinsing is required.
  • To clean your pet in a hurry without a big mess, try Boss Pet's reusable Soapy Mitts. The mitt is pre-filled with shampoo, so you simply wet the mitt and wash. Great for a quick cleaning!
  • To help freshen your pet's breath for the New Year, try Chomp Inc's Yip Yap and Pit Ôr Pat breath mints for dogs and cats. These great little breath mints come in a tin container. Your pet will love these treats, and you will love your pet's fresh breath!
  • If breath strips are more your pet's style, The Sock Puppet offers Beef Peppermint strips packaged just like the human-version! They offer instant good breath and a dose of calcium.
  • John Paul Pet has launched a complete line of grooming products sure to make Fluffy or Fido look their best in 2005! Products include waterless shampoo for cats and dogs, tearless shampoo for puppies, oatmeal shampoo and a number of grooming tools. This product line comes from Paul Mitchell, the hair-care product giant.
  • To keep your pet's pearly whites clean, Petosan makes a dual head toothbrush - it has two heads that lean into each other which allows you to clean both sides of the teeth at once.
  • For indoor or outdoor bathing, try Pet Jet by M2 Products. It attaches to any faucet for portable pet bathing, and the sprayer is equipped with an internal shampoo compartment. 866-922-6277
APPA also reminds pet owners to remember to schedule routine visits with your pet's veterinarian.

Founded in 1958, the American Pet Products Association is the nation’s leading not-for-profit trade organization serving the interests of the pet product industry and educating the public on the many joys and health benefits associated with pet ownership. APPA’s membership consists of over 750 companies, which include both small businesses, as well as the nation’s leading pet product companies