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Summer’s Hottest New Pet Products Sizzle with Convenience and Innovation

-APPA announces products and warm weather safety tips to make the great outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable for pets and their owners. -

GREENWICH, CT., April 1, 2005After a long and cold winter stuck climbing the walls indoors, it’s time to head outdoors for some fun in the sun. And, now there are more reasons than ever to bring along your furry, finned and four-legged companions. With more people taking their pets along and manufacturers focusing on pet consumer needs, a host of new products are just scratching the surface of ways to make the dog days of summer more enjoyable for pets and their people.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has announced some of the season’s most innovative products sure to keep pets and their owners busy all summer long:

  • Towne and Country Go Bags from Dogmatic Products put everything you need in one bag. These Go Bags include a roll up bed designed to fit any size dog, a standard leash, a pill container, and a retractable food and water bowl. Packaged in stylish bags fit for any occasion, these new Go Bags are sure to turn heads while making travel easier on pet owners.
  • With the warm weather underway, dogs are more prone to stick their heads out of moving cars, which can be dangerous to their eyes. To protect your dog’s eyes from harmful outdoor elements, try Doggles® the first protective eyewear for dogs. Doggles® protect against 100% of UV-rays and help to save your dog’s eyes from wind, debris, and outdoor elements. Doggles® also offers Pet Sunscreen.
  • For your outdoor adventures this summer, keep Pet Solution Rx, by Earth’s Balance, handy. Pet Solution Rx, a 100% natural healing and cleansing first aid spray for cats, dogs and small animals, soothes pain, heals bacterial and fungal infections, eases skin and coat conditions, and sanitizes while aiding in odor control. Pet Solution Rx is great for razor burns and hot spots and is safe to use on all parts of the body.
  • Don’t forget your fish and ponds this summer with Fortified Pond Salt and Anti-Parasite Medicated Fish Food by Jungle Labs Corp. The salt product contains a beneficial mix of chlorides, sulfates, potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements that add and replenish essential electrolytes and minerals utilized by both fish and plants. It also aids in wound healing and tissue repair, as well as speeds cell regeneration. The medicated fish food is designed solely for the treatment of internal parasites, including internal flagellates, trematodes and
  • Now your pet can have a comfortable place to rest and sleep no matter where you go with Bamboo’s Pet Sleep Over Bags.These reversible sleeping bags can also open flat for use as a training blanket or car seat protector. With various toys and treats to keep your pet occupied during travel, these sleep over bags are great for long trips or just around the house.
  • A fun new product to keep your pet hydrated, while treating them to a cold drink on a hot day is the Chill-A-Bowl by Marketing and Creative Sales, Inc. This new product is simple to use. Place the plastic bowl, with an internal water compartment, in the freezer for 4-5 hours, and then fill it with water. It will keep your dog’s water cold for hours.
  • With the summer heat and outdoor play, don’t forget to keep your cats and small dogs well hydrated this summer. Drinkwellâ The Original Pet Fountainby Veterinary Ventures satisfies a pet’s preference for running water and need for proper hydration, while also serving as a convenience product for owners. The Pet Fountain holds more than one gallon of water and keeps pets off of counters and out of sinks and toilets. DrinkwellÒ Big Dog is also available for larger dogs. It holds well over two gallons and is the largest capacity pet fountain on the market.
  • For those summer evening outings, keep your pet safe with PupLight. PupLight is a LED flashlight designed to be carried around a dog’s neck, lighting the dog and the way for a safer and more enjoyable nighttime dog walking experience.
  • Give your dog a shaded bed to relax in during the dog days of summer with Howlin’ Pets’ new outdoor bed. The bed comes complete with a cushion and canopy.  This bed has solid construction and looks like a piece of patio furniture. It will complement any lawn or patio.
  • Take your small animal outside with you this summer with Marshall Pet’s Small Animal Play Pen. Created for ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and most small animals, the playpen is expandable and can be used either indoors or outdoors. The playpen provides a safe, contained area for pets to play and exercise. The playpen comes standard with eight panels, is portable, easy to set up and requires no tools.
  • Give your dog some exercise this summer with Go-Frr Ball and Slingshot by Proball Inc. This ball with rope attached will go farther than any ball you throw with your arm. Simply attach the rope to the slingshot, pull back, and let it fly!
  • Make outdoor exercise easier with the all-in-one, ergonomic, hands-free leash- Dogmatic Products’ FreeLeash. The patented, unisex, hands-free leash system wraps around the waist with a comfortable and durable padded elastic waist belt and adjusts to all body sizes and types. ReLeash comes with a shock-absorbing, extendible/retractable leash with a carabineer clip in and quick release, anti-tangle swivel (for adding additional dogs), as well as reflective padding, water bottle, treat, and baggie holders.


APPA also suggests the following summer safety tips for your pet:


  • Never leave any pet in a parked vehicle for any period of time
  • Pets can get sunburned too!Make sure to apply sunscreen to their noses and the tips of their ears
  • Be aware that plant food, fertilizer and insecticide can be fatal to your pet.Make sure these products are stored correctly and that your pet is not exposed to an area immediately after these products have been applied
  • Do not let your dog ride in the back of a truck unsecured
  • Make sure your dogs and cats are protected from fleas and ticks
  • Keep your dog on a leash for control when walking or running
  • Make sure your pet is always wearing a collar with identification tags
  • Provide plenty of clean water at all times
  • Always provide adequate shade
  • Avoid walking your dog on hot pavement to avoid burned paws
  • After outdoor activity, check your pet’s feet for burrs, thorns or rocks
  • If your pet displays any signs of heat exhaustion, contact your veterinarian immediately


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