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Hottest New Pet Products Unleashed At Global Pet Expo

-The World’s Largest Annual Pet Products Trade Show Features the Hottest New Toys, Treats, Food and Gadgets for Pets-


GREENWICH, CT., March 29, 2005 – From canine prescription lenses, dog car seats and hi-tech water bowls to microprocessor-controlled smart-aquariums, DVD’s for cats and cookbooks for birds, the products unveiled at Global Pet Expo in Orlando last week demonstrate the innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit of pet product manufacturers.

Here are some of the trends and hottest pet products leading the pack:


Hi-Tech Pet Products:

  • Among this year’s most interesting product launches is Doggles’ Prescription Lenses for Dogs. For dogs that have bad vision or cataracts, Originalz Doggles® with corrective lenses help preserve dogs’ eyesight. With a veterinary ophthalmologist’s prescription, Doggles® will create a pair to suit individual dog’s needs.
  • ThirstAlert! dish from JoBananas Club flashes red lights when the water level in the bowl is low. And, the deluxe version scheduled for release next year will be able to send an e-mail or text message to let you know when the bowl is empty.
  • BiOrb Smart Aquarium with microprocessor controlled heat and light by Casco Group, Inc. This unique sphere aquarium is so stylish even the pickiest interior decorators will fall in love with it. It can be equipped with an electronic heating system, a five stage smart filtration system and programmable lights with sunrise, sunset and moonlight modes. Comes in different colors and is simple for novices or experienced fish keepers.
  • The Careful Clipper by Dogmatic Products marks the first renovation to the nail clipper in 20 years and features an ergonomic handle and flexible snake light that allows you to see through almost any nail to avoid cutting the quick.
  • The K&H Cool Bed absorbs heat from your pet and radiates the heat back into the air.  Small 19x24  Medium 25x36  Large 37x48
  • Skamper-Rampâ by Skamper Industries is a rescue device and a dog ramp combined. Attach the ramp to any pool or walled pond, and provide your pet with an easy escape from the water.
  • Wall Mounted Aquarium by Aqua Vista Enterprises looks like a stylish piece of art on any wall.
  • Feathered Phonics CDs and DVDs teach birds to talk and sing in more than eight languages.

Resemblance to Human Products Trend:

  • As more and more people are bleaching their teeth, why not whiter teeth on dogs? Pearly Whites N-Bone® teeth whitening bones
  • Dogmatic is launching Single Servings of NaChews and Woofy-Pop microwave popcorn for dogs. You may soon see for the first time dog treats at the check out line and in convenience stores.
  • Chocolick Gourmet treats are the first safe chocolates for dogs.
  • Bowie Wowie- All Natural Oven Ready Refrigerated Cookie Dough for dogs.
  • Similar to toothbrush gloves for babies, Petrodex Finger Toothbrush Glove is designed to provide a gentle method of removing plaque & food debris from pets’ teeth.
  • As a growing number of people consider pets a member of the family, their loss is more difficult to bear. A company has released condolence gifts for pet loss designed for specific individuals including children and women.

Pet Pampering and Fashion:

  • Pucci Couture warm-up is a stylish and sporty hooded velour one piece with contrasting trim four-legged construction and “signature” logo is offered in pastel colors and multiple sizes to fit any pooch.

More People Traveling with Pets:

  • Since we strap in our children for safety in the car, why not our pets? Global Pet Products has launched a line of pet car seats. These new car seats keep new upholstery in the vehicle free of hair and dirt and keep your pet from flying into the front seat if the driver suddenly hits the brakes. These three new kinds of pet car seats can hold dogs up to 25 pounds.
  • Easy Ride Paw Porch from RGO Enterprises is an enlarged platform that mounts in the car window for your dog to place his front paws on while riding a car. It protects the car's interior and provides a stable ride for your pet.
  • For the on the go pet- Dogmatic Products’ Towne and Country Go Bags. The Towne and Country Go Bags include a leash, a retractable food and water bowl, a pet passport, a pill container, and a roll up a bed- everything you need to travel with your pet comfortably.

 Health-related Pet Product Trend:

  • Doggles® Wearable Ionizer for Pets reduces airborne allergens, helps eliminate bad odors, airborne viruses, germs and bacteria and creates healthier and cleaner air for pets and people. Studies show negative ions improve health and decrease allergies including pet dander.  The ionizer attaches to a collar and can be personalized with built-in scent cartridges available in scents to relax, calm or sooth your pet.
  • Fitness Fuel for Pets by Earth’s Balance is electrolyzed alkaline micro-structured water with properties that allow it to fight free radicals, better hydrates, enhance the delivery of nutrients to cells and flush toxins from the body to keep your pet strong and healthy.
  • The Healthy Bird Cookbook contains healthy recipes for birds.
  • Sergeant’s® Vetscription® People Vitamins™ for Dogs are chewable tablets in fun people shapes like a postman, a milkman and a dog catcher. They contain all the vitamins and minerals dogs need including omega fatty acids and antioxidants.


Focus on Convenience:

  • Petkin TushieWipes.  Daily cleansing & deodorizing wipes for pet's bottom with Eau de Toilette and extra cleansers for stuck on mess & odors.
  • The Easy Walk Harness by Premier Pet Products is a unique front-chest, martingale leash attachment that stops pulling by immediately redirecting your dog’s forward motion towards you.  Five adjustment points provide a custom fit for any breed. Trainers are raving over it.
  • To keep fresh water available for your pet for days, try the Drinkwell Big Dogâ by Veterinary Ventures. The Big Dogâ is the largest pet fountain available to pet owners and features a patented free falling stream of water. The Big Dog is a convenient way to satisfy pets’ preference for running water and need for proper hydration.
  • Petmate Electronic Portion Control Le Bistro This programmable, electronic dispenser dispenses portions up to 3 cups at selected times per day and holds more than 5 lbs of food. It can handle a full range of dry food sizes, shapes and types. This product can also be used for multiple cat homes.

Just for Fun:

  • The Kitty Movie and the Birdy Show DVDs by Pet Qwerks, Inc. keep cats and birds entertained.
  • Cat Fisher™ Rod & Reel Toy by Bamboo allows you to play “cat and mouse” with your cat from the comfort of your couch. Just sit back, relax and cast up to 40 feet so you can entice your cat from afar.
  • Ball Stomp'r(TM) by Happy Dog Toys. The first foot-operated ball launcher for tennis ball loving dogs and their owners.  Launches up to 100 feet or more.
  • Critter Operated Chopper by Super Pet looks like a Harley Davidson motorcycle with an oversized front wheel inside of which a hamster can run and get all the exercise he needs.

Pet Décor:

  • Hidden Litter Box by Aquiline Innovations Corp. hides a litter box in a stylish planter and planted arrangement and comes in various planter textures and plant choices including the Décor model and the Contemporary model You have to see them at

 This year marked the premier of the Global Pet Expo, the first combined show by The American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). Global Pet Expo set numerous records including more than 2,049 booths over 204,900 square feet, close to 700 exhibiting companies and more than 600 new product launches.

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