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“Time” Is of the Essence When Caring For Your Pet

- The End of Daylight Saving Time in October Rings With New Time Saving Products That Make Caring for Pets More Convenient Than Ever -

GREENWICH, CT., May 9, 2005 – It is truly a matter of time as Americans gear up to set their clocks back an hour for the end of Daylight Saving Time October 30- a time to think about just how little of the precious resource we have. While people work harder than ever to balance their busy schedules, almost everyone is looking for ways to eliminate hassle, streamline maintenance, and make life easier. This is especially true of pet owners who know what a commitment it takes to be a responsible pet owner.

Three-quarters of pet owners say their pets help them relax according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2005-2006 National Pet Owners Survey. Shouldn’t that also be said of the products that help us care for them? Yes! And, to help from falling behind as we fall back an hour, The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has released a list of  innovative products that save time on pet care and make it easier for owners to maintain and enjoy their pet and home.

·         Veterinary Ventures Inc.’s Drinkwellâ Big-Dog Fountain holds more water than any other fountain on the market - meaning less refilling for pet owners. A free-falling stream of water also entices dogs to drink leading to better hydration and health. For cats and small dogs, try the smaller version, Drinkwellâ Original Pet Fountain.

·         To really watch the clock, The Leash Beaner by Dogglesâ is a carabineer that clips to any leash handle and comes with a stopwatch, compass, clock, and mini flashlight.  The Leash Beaner is multi-use for day jogging or night walking and saves the pet walker the hassle of carrying all those separate gadgets.

·         You’ve seen the small hair rollers for clothing, but if you have a lot of pet hair to pick up and little time to do it, try the Large Surface Pet Hair Pic-Up from Evercare. This giant adhesive roller on the end of a long handle offers a new way to clean floors, upholstery, fabrics, rugs and car interiors. The ten-inch, 25-layer adhesive roll quickly picks up dirt, crumbs and pet hair that sweeping often leaves behind.

·         Petkin PetWipes provide a faster, easier way to keep pets clean without water or rinsing, thus cutting bathing time for your pet by at least half.  Petkin also offers Litter Box Wipes that offer a fast, convenient way to clean and deodorize litter boxes and litter scoops without having to take the kitty’s box out and hose it down using bleach.

·         Another product that saves time on grooming is Pampered Pooch "Brush-In" Mousse by OxyPet International with a "built-in" brush head that cleanses, exfoliates and detangles. OxyPet also offers the time saving Pampered Pooch Shampoo Mousse with a "built-in" brush head that dispenses a thick, rich shampoo mousse and exfoliates skin as it detangles the coat. It's fast, effective and cuts grooming time in half.

·         Pet LivingÔ, parent company of VetbasisŇ, offers Workin’ DogŇ and EquinEliteÔ brands of natural pet products that give consumers alternatives to a full bath including the Foaming Cleanser, a unique waterless bath that’s a definite time saver.

·         LitterLocker by Petmate saves time on litter maintenance with an odor-free, hygienic way to clean the litter box. The LitterLocker eliminates daily trips to the outside trash can with a seven-ply bag inside a waste container with a locking handle. It’s so smell proof you can go weeks between emptying the unit.  


“Manufacturers are listening to their consumers and what’s important to them when it comes to the development of new products,” said Bob Vetere, managing director and COO of APPA.  “They are introducing a growing number convenience products that enable us to spend more of our time simply enjoying our pets.”


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