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New Flashing, Glowing and Illuminated Pet Products in the Spotlight This Halloween

- From Blinking LED Tags to Lighted Collars and Glow-in-the Dark Leashes, Pet Owners are Treated to New Breed of Safe Halloween Products -

GREENWICH, CT., June 1, 2004 – More than three-and-a-half million Americans will be purchasing Halloween products for their pets this year according to new statistics from The American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2005-2006 National Pet Owners Survey. That’s an increase of one million from 2002. Also according to APPA, dog owners will spend on average of $13 per Halloween gift this season.And, for all those who do “treat” their pets to the same fun as their children, there’s a monster-sized assortment of bright new products to help make this Halloween fun and safe for furry trick-or-treaters.

“As pets continue to become more a part of our extended families, they are being included in traditional human activities like travel, pampering and holiday festivities,” said Bob Vetere, COO and managing director of APPA.“Companies are responding to those needs with a greater variety of innovative new products geared toward those activities.”

This Halloween, in addition to clever costumes and pet treats, innovative new products include reflective, glowing and flashing collars, leashes and tags. In fact, according to APPA, 7.3 million dog owners report owning reflective or illuminating leashes.

  • ·Petsport USA Inc.’s Bling Bling Blinkers protect your pets and children without sacrificing style.Pet safety blinkers are miniature LED lights that clip to any collar, leash or belt loop.The blinkers can also be used as a key ring that doubles as a mini flashlight.They are water resistant and visible from up to a half mile away.They are available in three snazzy color combinations: red/white/blue, jade/pink, and blue/
  • ·PolyBrite's new lighted Halloween Pumpkin dog collars are festive and have a combination of patented polymer/LED technology and reflective stitching.The collars glow orange and also reflect outside light sources, making them ideal for low light and nighttime
  • ·Spike Brand LLC offers Illuminated Collars with a reflective and pulsing light that is visible from 360° at night and operates up to 200 hours on two “AAA” alkaline batteries.The collars are rugged yet lightweight, fashionable yet functional, weather resistant, and adjustable to fit most
  • ·Let Fido light the way with glow-in-the dark collars, collar tags, and leashes by Atomic Products.These glow-in-the dark products are battery-operated and visible up to a ¼ mile away.And best yet, when Halloween is over, you will still have fun, safety-oriented products for walking your dog after
  • ·Rubie’s Costume Company has a big selection of costumes for your pet and is licensed for Star Wars and Warner Bros. merchandise.In addition to their selection of other characters, their costumes include Darth Vadar, Yoda, Princess Leia, Robin Hood, and Batman.The company also sells Halloween-themed bandanas that read “Trick-or-Treat” and “Creature of the Night.”
  • ·Pet disguises are more fun than ever with Puppe Love’s wide array of costumes, including pigs, crocodiles, pirates, football players, and
  • ·Costumes from Ethical Products/Fashion Pet are fun, playful, and perfect for Halloween.Each costume features an easy-on Velcro closure and is available in a Zebra, Kitty, Giraffe, Skunk, Devil, Ballerina, Chicken, and a Witch.Costumes are available at local pet shops nationwide.
  • ·The Hound Dog Gold Lame Tuxedo and Tie by Fox & Hounds will make even the mildest of mutts shimmy their hips and curl their lips this Halloween when decked out in this great costume. Reminiscent of Elvis Presley's glory days on the Vegas strip, the glittering gold and platinum tuxedo jacket is available in 5 sizes, with a shawl collar and wide cuffs at the legs. A matching scrunchy adds the requisite bow tie for a look sure to rock the
  • ·Halloween wouldn’t be complete without treats for your favorite pooch.American Health Kennels Inc. has introduced two new fabulous and fun Halloween items to the popular Bark Bars line of all-natural dog biscuits.Pumpkin Pie Flavor Jumbo Ghost and Pumpkin Cookies come packaged in adorable pocket boxes.Also available are Pumpkin Pie traditional Bark Bars in a colorful Halloween
  • ·Fox & HoundsCandy Corn Plush Squeaky Toy will definitely help make your pup feel included in the trick or treating festivities this Halloween.The plush toy is fashioned in the same shape and colors of a bright kernel of candy corn and should provide hours of entertainment – minus the stomachache!
  • ·For your feathered friends, Tweeter Toys by Sweet Feet and Beak are made for small and medium birds with the health and safety of your pet in mind.Tweeter Toys come in a ghost, ghost/pumpkin, and pumpkin and will surely keep your bird entertained for hours while everyone is out trick or
  • ·This Halloween, invite all your rodent friends to the pumpkin patch to enjoy Pumpkin Patch Grainola Bars by SunSeed Company Inc.Packed full of nature’s goodness with pumpkin seeds, vegetable rings, and farm fresh grains.Every rat, mouse or other rodent will truly love
  • ·Want to wish your pet a Happy Halloween?Halloween Mask Cards by Avanti Press Inc. are unique gift cards that are the same size as a standard mailing card but include a detachable mask in a variety of designs for your furry friend. These are great for your pet or to send to your pet-owning


The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reminds responsible pet owners to keep the following tips in mind to better ensure a happy and safe Halloween for the entire family:

  • ·Trick-or-treat candies for humans are not for pets: Chocolate is poisonous to many animals, and tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed. Remind children not to share goodies with pets.
  • ·Be cautious of using candles in your pumpkins and consider safe alternatives that will not pose any threats of fire hazard or potential burns to your children or pets.
  • ·When dressing up a pet, make sure the costume isn't constricting or unsafe and be careful not to obstruct your pet’s vision. If your pet resists costuming, do not insist as it can cause stress to your pet. Never leave a pet in costume unattended.
  • ·Scary isn’t fun for everyone.Be aware that strangely pitched music, weird noises, odd clothing and lots of excitement can be taxing on your pet.Make sure to provide a quiet place for them to retreat if needed.
  • ·Be careful your pet doesn't dart out through an open door as trick-or-treaters might frighten them.
  • ·Even if trick-or-treaters do not frighten your pet, remember that your pet if met at the door may frighten trick-or-treaters.

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