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Companies Release Purr-fect Pet Gifts For 2005 Holiday Season

- APPA Announces Season’s Hottest Pet Gifts -

GREENWICH, CT., June 10, 2005 – Close to 154 million pet owners are expected to spend $2.6 billion on pet gifts this holiday season according to The American Pet Products Association (APPA) 2005-2006 National Pet Owners Survey.

            Thanks to innovative companies, holiday shoppers have a greater selection of pet gifts than ever before. APPA has compiled the following list of fun new products for pets and their owners:


·         Aspen Pet Products® Talk to Me Cosmic Treatball is light years ahead, capable of recording your voice in a message to your furry friend, dispensing treats as your pet plays with it and displaying a vision-safe light show that is motion activated. Also by Aspen, the Floppy Disc, a fun, durable, interactive fetch toy is a great stocking stuffer for any dog this holiday.  This high-flying, brightly colored toy is soft and gentle on pets’ teeth and gums, and is a safe way to play and exercise with your pet.  Available at PETsMART, PETCO, and other fine retailers nationwide.

·         Felíz Navidad!  Ethical Products Inc. has introduced Hispanic themed plush and fleece dog toys for the upcoming holiday season.  Bring out the inner Señor/Señorita in your dog with a multicolored Spanish Bull, a Santa with a Sombrero, and a Red Bone with Felíz Navidad printed in gold.

·         Blinky Balls by Pet Qwerks, Inc. are motion activated, brilliantly illuminated, and reminiscent of twinkling Christmas lights.  Just a touch and they start flashing; with each cycle lasting for three seconds and producing over 70,000 flash cycles.  Available in two sizes and assorted colors.           

·         Moody Pet Inc. has put a modern twist on an old cat toy with the Fling-Ama-String™. This automatic string-flinging machine hangs on any standard doorknob and is motorized and battery-operated. One side of a long string is attached to a flat elastic belt, which rotates constantly. The string flings in and out for kitty’s non-stop amusement. The toy has a speed control for the frisky or faint feline. Fling-Ama-String recently won second place in the cat category of the 2005 Global Pet Expo New Product Showcase, Best In Show Awards.

·         Watch your cat boogie with a Holiday Boogie Mat for de Catâ by Fat Cat Inc.  This refillable catnip mat comes with a supply of organic Zoom Around the Room Catnip and is available in four designs - Cat Wreath, Holiday Cheer, Ice Skating Mice, or Cats in Snow. These fun mats entice cats to paw at and frolic on the mat.   Also from Fat Cat Inc., Holiday EEEks!â are toy mice rattles filled with catnip and available in holiday designs. For dogs, Fat Cat Inc. offers The Holiday Terrible Nasty Scariesä. These kitties stuffed with a squeeker come in two sizes and three holiday designs- Jingle Elf Kitty, Twinkle Lights Kitty or Jammie Time Kitty.

·         Something is fishy this holiday with the CatFisher Mouse Mittä by Bamboo Pet.  Four detachable catnip scented mouse “lures” attached with elastic lines allow cats to tug and pull each lure up to 12 inches.  The comfortable Mouse Mitt protects pet owners hands from scratches and nips while cats play.  Also by Bamboo, The CatFisher Bobber comes with a weighted bobber, spring steel “hook” and a dangling catnip scented mouse “lure” that will quickly engage your kitty.  No matter how hard the lure is batted, the bobber always stands upright.

·         The Go-Go Mouse by Doskocil Manufacturing Co, Inc. has pullback, wind up, and zip-and-zoom action that will cater to your kitty’s natural predatory behavior while providing hours of quality playtime between you and your cats.

·         West Paw Design offers a full line of holiday specific products such as the ChrisMouse for cats and the Jingle Worm, Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer, and Rudy for dogs.  The cat toys are filled with Montana catnip grown pesticide-free. The unique design of the dog toys are geared towards breeds of all sizes many of which come with playful squeakers inside.

·         For your feathered friend, Pet Qwerks offers The Birdy Show plus Rodent Roundup DVD.  The action packed double feature has a myriad of happy birds with frequent scene changes to hold your pet’s attention and entertain for hours.  Rodent Roundup is a 25-minute bonus feature that includes mice and hampsters that are sure to wake your bored bird.

·         Pet Qwerks also offers a blockbuster for your kitty!  “Kitty Goes Hunting” and “Kitty Goes Fishing” are filled with herds of mice, darting fish, chirping birds, lots of butterflies, and a long list of other exciting, cute, and creepy critters.  Put on kitty’s favorite movie and she’ll surely be entertained for hours.


·         Treat your pet to the same baked luxuries you enjoy during the holidays with  Bowie Wowie Baked Goods by Diva Doggie. This oven-ready, refrigerated cookie dough is specially formulated for dogs with absolutely no sugar, salt, fillers, artificial flavors, or by products.  The treats are fast and easy to make and provide your dog with all natural, fresh, warm snacks. 

·         American Health Kennels also offers bake at home treats in two tasty flavors.  Bake at Home Brownie Mix and Bake at Home Carob Chip Cookie Mix.

·         Involve the kids in the cooking for your pet with The Crazy Kids Guide to Cooking for Your Pet by Crazy Pet. Candy Cane 9-s and Silent Mice, like all of the pet cuisines featured in the cookbook, are recipes designed to be easy enough for young children to make with supervision.  The guide also includes pet care tips, jokes, and fun things to do with your pet.

·         Trim Treatsä by MiracleCorp are stockings accented with candy-cane piping filled with four, three-ounce packets of great tasting treats in chicken, salmon, shrimp and salmon, and tuna flavors.

·         Dogmatic Products offers NaChewsä Nacho Shaped Chips for Dogs and WoofyPopã Microwave Popcorn for Dogs.  NaChews are made from rawhide, and baked to perfection and are available in six great flavors, Cheese, Chicken, BBQ, Ranch, Bacon and Pepperoni.  WoofyPOPã is an instant, microwavable popcorn with “dog only” flavors and is 100% dog approved and healthier than other dog treats, high in fiber, and all natural.


Gift Wrap and Cards


·         And what about gift wrapping for your pet? Put all the goodies you’ll be giving your pet in a Holiday Pet Bag by CMI Pets.  With flashing LED lights and pictures of puppies, kittens, and birds that bark, meow and chirp "Jingle Bells", you’re pet will surely love these entertaining treat bags.  Also available in a Hanukkah version.

·         Wish your pet or pet owning friends a Happy Holiday with greeting cards by Avanti Press Inc.’s Holiday 2005 Portrait Line, which features festive dog photographs with a thin double gold border.  Also by Avanti, Sparkles are unique gift cards featuring embossed silhouettes and iridescent glitter to accentuate warm and jolly holiday sentiments.  All cards are sold individually or in boxed sets.

·         Crunch Cardsâ edible greeting cards by Crunchkins™ offer a unique twist on traditional greeting cards. They are made of a flattened rawhide panel, and imprinted with non-toxic ink.  The new designs include sentiments such as “Santa Paws is Coming to Town” featuring a doggie Santa being pulled in a sled led by reindeer kitties.


Home Décor


·         With all the toys your pet receives this Christmas, you’ll need somewhere to put them. The Sleep-N-Store Pet Bed by Pets At Play comes with a full drawer under the bed for storage.  The mattress is 100% memory foam with a removable waterproof lining and mattress cover.

·         Since the holidays are often associated with puppy giving, new pet owners will need a few items to help with training.  A fine piece of furniture that doubles as a crate is the ultimate design solution unattractive crates.  Crate Haven’s Bench Crate allows you to house up to three puppies in a stylish new piece of furniture. Crate Haven also offers a line of single crates for the sole puppy in your life.

·         For the design conscious who may enjoy fish but seek something more stylish than the traditional square aquarium, the BiOrb Aquarium by Casco Group, Inc. is the perfect gift.  The unique sphere aquarium combines the traditional fishbowl with the performance of a high-tech aquarium. It’s stylish enough for the pickiest interior decorators, sophisticated enough for experts, yet simple enough for the novice. The BiOrb bowl provides 360 degree viewing and the top and bottoms come in a variety of colors including silver, black, bronze, blue, lime, purple, white and orange.



Canine Couture


·         The perfect gift for the fashion-conscious pet owner and stylish dog is Doggles® Matching Human and Pet Fashions in a variety of selections.  A holiday gift set includes a coordinating people scarf and dog sweater in a holiday box.  Not only do they make a statement – they’re functional and keep both your loved ones warm during the cold winter months.

·         Puppe Love also offers holiday canine couture with its Christmas Collection.  Styles include a Christmas Dress, a Santa Suit and Hat, and a Snowman Hat with Scarf.

·         Give your pet a festive collar and lead from Yellow Dog Design with prints like a Santa Claus, Snowflakes, Reindeers, Snowmen, Toy Soldiers and Peppermint Sticks.


·         The perfect holiday gift for the die-hard sports fan (and his best friend) are customized glowing collegiate collars from ATOMiC Pet.  The Official Collegiate Licensing Company collars and leashes illuminate with logos of sports fans' alma maters, and home team favorites including Big Ten Teams such as Ohio State, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Iowa, with plans for other colleges and universities under way.

·         Designed for toy and small breed dogs, Fox & Hounds' new Equestrian Collection features two styles of jackets: a Hunt Jacket made of a crimson wool/poly blend with a black velvet collar and waistband with gold buttons, and a Barn Jacket made of taupe microfiber with a black corduroy collar and belt, and braided black buttons. Both jackets are reversible to a traditional Red Stewart plaid and include distressed brown leather collars with satin brass accents, including a horseshoe-shaped buckle, horse head studs, and a hanging charm with the Fox & Hounds logo. Completing the Collection is a Red Stewart Plaid Carrier with black leather handles.

·         Carry your pet in elegant style this holiday with a Sherpa Pet Company Dragon Tote available in red/black, and gold/black.  With mesh panels for ventilation, padded bottom board for stability, two exterior full-length pockets and inside leash ring, these totes carry your pet stylishly and comfortably.

·         COCOJOR HAWAII offers a collection of fun loving and exquisite dog carriers designed to look like a handbag with fashionable styles and irresistible comfortable plush lining.  The “Take Out” Bag to Go comes in many eye-catching colors and fabric assortments by using fine fabrics such as Asian silks, leathers, and materials and hardware from around the world.


Puppy Accessories

·         Ease your new puppy’s teething woes with RUFF-puppyä Teethers styled in some uncommon creature forms including a bat, caterpillar, alien, starfish, chameleon and gorilla. Put the teethers in the freezer and a special material absorbs and remains chilled while the raised detailed dental tips help to massage sensitive gums caused by newly cutting teeth.

·         Another great gift to accompany a new puppy is Lessons for a Lifetime Puppy Training Series by PuppySmartsâ.  The series provides gentle, effective solutions for common behavioral problems that every new puppy owner will face, including potty and crate training, biting, chewing, jumping and obedience.  Each lesson is simple, fast paced and succinct for today’s busy families.  Available in DVD format, and in Spanish and French subtitles.

·         Winter Blues Fleece Sleeper by West Paw Design is patterned in blue and white snowflakes on one side and a rich blue plaid on the other and makes for a fun festive bed all winter long. Fleece Sleepers are rectangle beds ranging in sizes from XS to XL with elastic straps to secure them when they are rolled up for storage or travel.  Fully machine washable and dryable.


Feeding and Water Devices


·         The Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain by Veterinary Ventures is a gift of convenience for pet owners and a gift of good health for your pet.  With a free falling stream of water, the Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain entices pets to drink more water – leading to better hydration and a healthier dog.  It holds over two gallons in an attached reservoir, meaning less refilling and more time for the pet owner.

·         If the holiday madness makes you forgetful, try Water RUFF-Minderä by RUFF Doggie Styles Inc. It attaches to the side of any standard water dish and alerts the pet owner when the water gets low with phrases like “Hey my bowl is empty,” and “Did you forget about me – I’m thirsty.”

·         If you’re pressed for time this holiday season, the Electronic Portion Control Le Bistro by Doskocil Manufacturing Co, Inc. is the perfect solution.  The award-winning, fully automated feeding system allows owners to program three daily meal times for their pets, dispensing anywhere from 1/4 cup to 1 cup of food at each meal. This easy-to-use product is great for busy pet owners as well as those who need to help their pets with weight control.


Protection and Convenience


·         Protect your pet’s paws from the elements this winter with AGL Innovations’ Paw Pro. Paw Pro is an alternative to boots for dogs and prevents salt burn on paw pads while providing a medicinal effect on dry and cracked pads.  Paw Pro helps prevent ice build up between paw pads and snow balls on long furred dogs’ legs and underbellies.

·         Doggles® knows winter means colds and allergies when people and pets spend a majority of their time indoors, so, the company created the Wearable Ionizer for Pets. It helps eliminate odors, airborne viruses, germs, and bacteria, while greatly improving air quality.

·         A great stocking stuffer for the pet owner this holiday is the Pocket Pet Hair Magnet by Petmate.  Designed for use at home, in the office or on the go, the Pocket Pet Hair Magnet removes hair and lint from anywhere. Its compact 6" x 4.5" x 13" size fits perfectly into purses, pockets or glove compartments.


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Founded in 1958, the American Pet Products Association is the nation's leading not-for-profit trade organization serving the interests of the pet products industry and educating the public on the many joys and health benefits associated with pet ownership.  APPA's membership consists of nearly 850 companies, which include large corporations as well as growing enterprises worldwide. Every year APPA does extensive research utilizing a number of industry and affiliated sources to track the overall size of the pet industry and also conducts a comprehensive survey of pet owners every two years.  Visit APPA online at