The Fountain Report


APPA has formed a partnership with the Fountain Report, a weekly newsletter published by Antelligence, LLC, an animal health business news, insights, and educational services company.

The Fountain Report delivers news from across the animal health industry, data from top industry resources, financial reports and updates on mergers and acquisitions, as well as expert columns and interviews to help industry professionals better serve their customers. The full report is delivered to subscribers by email on Fridays, and a supplemental email with news updates is delivered onTuesdays.

While the primary audience for the Fountain Report has traditionally been the veterinary side of the business, we see great value for our members as the lines between pet and vet continue to blur.

 Fountain report highlights for APPA members

September report

October Report

 If you’re interested in subscribing to the Fountain Report, please contact the publisher, Chris Kelly, at Subscriptions start at $1250/annually for up to five people.

 All APPA members will receive 15% off their first year’s subscription.