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Posted: Friday, January 24, 2020

Sales Rep Looking for Natural Products to Represent

For more information contact:
Michael Gagliardi
MFG Sales and Marketing
Phone: 484-888-1307

MFG Sales and Marketing is looking for unique, natural products to represent in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a focus towards the independent pet retailer I will create sales for your products by either selling directly to stores or through a distributor.

I represent a limited number of brands so I can give your products the attention and focus they deserve. From the initial sale to making sure your products get good placement in the stores and eventually repeat orders, MFG Sales and Marketing will work hard to achieve these objectives. 

Ready to grow your business!!!  Contact Michael Gagliardi at 484-888-1307 or by emailing

Posted: Friday, September 20, 2019

BAYDOG, a Leading Brand of Dog Accessories, is Currently Hiring Sales Reps in Select North American Markets

For more information contact:
Barton O’Brien
Phone: 443-808-8664

BAYDOG was launched in April 2018 and has already grown to 560 retail locations nationwide.  The reason for such rapid growth is simple: we bend over backwards to support our sales reps with everything they need to be successful -your success is our success!  We also guarantee our products 100%, have a strict MAP policy, and most importantly, we do not sell on Amazon or Chewy.  Our business is 100% focused on supporting independent brick and mortar retail.  We are currently recruiting experienced independent sales reps / sales teams to represent BAYDOG in the following markets:  Chicago, Houston, Dallas, St. Louis, San Antonio, Seattle and Detroit.  Sales opportunities extend beyond traditional pet stores to include sporting goods and outdoor retailers as well as white label opportunities. 

About:  BAYDOG is a 100% Veteran owned business.  We currently have over 200 SKU’s, including top quality dog harnesses, leashes, collars, dog backpacks, coats and toys.  This winter we will be pre-selling our newest product, the Monterey Bay Dog Lifejacket for delivery in Spring 2020, and anticipate several more product launches in the coming year.

More information:

Posted: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Nap Cap is searching for seasoned professionals and distributors

For more information contact:
Nap Cap

Nap Cap "  The Bond Between Sports Fans and Their Pets" Innovative and Relevant Pet Categories that are Inspired by The  Sports Fans and Made for Their Pets.

We are actively searching for seasoned professionals and distributors who has similar but not competing collection of Pet products in all retail channels from Pet boutiques, Regional Pet Chains, to National Pet Chains, Department stores, Mass Retailers, Drug, Grocery, Sports Online etc. Territory is wide open throughout the entire US and Canada as well for NHL. 

Please contact Casey via e-mail...

Posted: Monday, September 16, 2019

peaksNpaws is looking for commissioned sales reps and manufacturer representatives across the US

For more information contact:
Akanksha Kashyapa
Phone: 516-492-7828

peaksNpaws, a dog lifestyle brand based out of Denver, Colorado is looking for reps for our new line of toys and chews!
We have a growing portfolio including yak milk chews, handmade rope toys and naturally shed elk antlers that we sell under the peaksNpaws brand. We also offer hundreds of dog toys and accessories under our GiGwi label, a well known brand in European and Asian countries for which we have an exclusive partnership in United States. 
Currently, we are in hundreds of individual pet stores and boutiques in the US. We sell on Amazon, Zulily, Chewy, Thrive Market, Who is ready to take this opportunity and our brand to the next level as we introduce new products and keep expanding our line further?

More information:

Posted: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

HangmanPets® is looking for reps for our new line of Floating Cat Perch/Scratchers!

For more information contact:
Sheila Gallien
Marketing Director

HangmanPets® is looking for reps for our new line of Floating Cat Perch/Scratchers! Made in the USA  with eco friendly, high density cardboardscratchers install in minutes with our patented LevelCleat system. Scratchers delight kitties with a stellar view, while introducing healthy scratching behavior. 

Hangman Products has been a hardware leader since 1999. The original patented Hangman, two interlocking brackets with a level, has sold more than 15,000,000 units. Hangman’s unique line of products hangs mirrors, pictures, décor, floating shelves, headboards, TVs and sound bars and can be found in major retailers including Walmart, Menards, Ace Hardware and Home Depot.

More information:

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2019

Fauna Care is seeking motivated professionals

For more information contact:
David Ball
Fauna Care
Phone: 412.965.3954

Fauna Care was founded in 2017 by David Ball and Allen Ridgway through collaboration with inventor Dr Garret Cawthon.

After 10+ years of proven success in the human health care market  (neonatal hospitals and senior care facilities across the US) it is time to bring our patented products and a new perspective to the animal skin wellness sector.  We are looking for motivated professionals who want to bring the best products in the category to their customers and help us redefine animal wellness.

Visit our website at

Contact our Founder David Ball at or 412.965.3954



More information: