The APPA Referral Network


One of the services APPA provides is the APPA Referral Network, an excellent online source that can generate numerous business opportunities and provide sales rep leads for APPA member companies. 

Participating in the Referral Network


For members of APPA it is FREE to post on the Referral Network as this is part of your membership package. 


Submitting a listing 

Members of APPA can send the copy for their listing to Please be sure to include the section under which you'd like the listing to appear as well as contact information for that listing. No additional submission form is necessary. 

Please note: We request that listings be around 150 words, text only. 

Questions? Contact Jennifer Skelley at



Business Opportunities
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General business leads and opportunities.
Reps Wanted/Available
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If you are looking for a manufacturers representative
Job Bank
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Pet industry job opportunities
Non-Profit Animal Organizations
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Non-profit organizations seeking donations for worthy causes.