APPA Business Bootcamp


APPA’s Business Bootcamp On-Demand empowers you with a solid framework of business basics with direct applications to the pet industry, as well as advanced strategies for smart growth.

Whether you are an individual looking to get into the pet industry for the first time or a young company wanting to smooth your road to success, this Basic Training takes you through the steps from enlistment to launch and then on to capture the product placement and shelf space of retailers both small and large.

Who on your staff should take this training?

Perfect for new employees and companies looking to work in the pet industry more efficiently, our team of pet industry veterans has collaborated to provide you with a condensed curriculum that can be used as an introduction to the pet industry and an opportunity to strategize a course direction or correction for your business.  

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No drill sergeant here. Instead, our dedicated team of industry experts provides you with training, resources, and a valuable one-hour consultation.  

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Join up and gain business proficiencies without ever having to break a sweat. 

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Module One 
  • Panel Discussion: State of the Industry Insights and Outlook
  • General Business Basics – Get it Right Out of the Gate
  • The Well-Crafted Business Plan
  • Product Costing for Success
  • Product Pricing and Margin Calculations Demystified
Module Two 

Panel Discussion: Pet Ownership During the Pandemic 

Marketing for Success: Differentiating Your Company Through Remarkable Marketing

  • Consumer Direct Marketing
  • Trade Show Participation
  • Building a Spectacular Sales Team
    • Working with Pet Rep Groups
Module Three 
  • Learn to Speak “Retail” to Forge Lasting Relationships with Your Retail Customers
  • Defining Your E-Commerce Strategy
  • Make Sure Your Distributors Love You:  Tips to Managing the Supplier-Distributor Relationship
  • A Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property and Regulatory Compliance 
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