The APPA Government Affairs Group's activities are directed toward the advancement of APPA members and the pet industry through member cooperation and advocacy. Under the direction of the APPA Board and its advisors, staff:

  • Identifies laws, legislation and proposed regulation that impact the industry;
  • Notifies APPA members and solicits their involvement in the legislative process;
  • Works in coalition with organizations with similar interests;
  • Communicates APPA's position to legislators and regulators;
  • Initiates cooperative efforts with government bodies;
  • Acts as a liaison between members and government officials on specific issues;
  • Provides educational tools to members via the Internet and in meetings and conferences;
  • Comments on legislation and proposed regulation, which affect APPA members;
  • Assists members in complying with federal and state requirements.

What We're Watching

APPA members are encouraged to contact our Government & Regulatory Affairs team with any questions or concerns. Please contact Jennifer Dehmel, Director of Legislative & Regulatory Research at