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Whether you are brand new to the pet products industry, or have some experience, The APPA Business Edge program has content to address your needs.  

Connect with and learn from your peers PLUS gain knowledge and strategic focus from globally renowned Pet Specialty Business Advisor, Dave Bolen.

  • Business Edge is designed to help members traverse the dynamics and nuances of the pet industry, increasing their opportunity for success
  • Business Edge gives members a direct-connect to industry experts and peers to give quick access to a multi-dimensional knowledge bank

Gain a complete understanding of the pet industry landscape and how to successfully navigate it. 

  • Position your business to Go Further.  Participate in:
    • Business Edge LinkedIn Networking and Discussion Group: 
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    • Webcasts and other educational resources: 
      • Check out our full roster of webcasts + our Pet Retailer Series, and learn the ins-and-outs of selling to various types of retail outlets
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    • Market updates: 
      • Gain perspective on current industry dynamics
      • Market updates are the lead-in to many of our webcasts and in-person networking events 
    • Networking events:
      • Shake hands with and get to know industry experts and leaders who can provide insight to make a real difference in your business
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    • Business Edge Online Help Desk:
      • APPA has partnered with globally renowned Pet Specialty Business Advisor, Dave Bolen of The Bolen Group, to bring our members the most qualified expertise
      • Gain knowledge and build strategic focus through personalized expert advice
      • Email us to get answers to your retail and business strategy questions, or schedule a complimentary 30 minute assessment to help you define your business goals
      • Some areas of consultation include: 
        • Developing and focusing on the right strategy
        • Building a team for success
        • Merchandising: Assortment planning, pricing, presentation
        • Marketing:  Customer acquisition and retention
        • Inventory productivity


Past Business Edge Webcasts

Pet Retailer Series: A Conversation with Pet Food Express

Presented by Michael Levy, Founder and Owner of Pet Food Express and Dave Bolen, APPA Member Program Consultant, April 11, 2019

Case Study in Innovation: Learn How JustFoodForDogs Successfully Positioned Their Company in Retail
Presented by Carey Tischler, CEO, Just Food for Dogs and Dave Bolen, APPA Member Program Consultant, February 21, 2019

Perspective on Pet Specialty, Featuring Kriser’s Natural Pet
Presented by Brad Kriser, President of Krisers and Dave Bolen, Pet Retail Specialist and APPA Member Program Consultant, January 17, 2019

Pet Industry Year in Review - Looking Back on Changes and Challenges
Presented by Dave Bolen, Pet Retail Specialist and APPA Member Program Consultant, December 5, 2018

Strategies to Increase Sales on Amazon
Presented by Fred Killingsworth, Founder and CEO, Hinge Consulting and Dave Bolen, Pet Retail Specialist and APPA Member Program Consultant, November 15, 2018

Selling to Pet Specialty: Tips for Implementing Successful Sales Strategies
Presented by Trish Elkind, CEO, PetPeople Enterprises and Dave  Bolen, Pet Retail Specialist and APPA Member Program Consultant, October 18, 2018

How to Use Market Research to Improve Your Business
Presented by Dave Bolen, CEO, The Bolen Group and APPA Member Program Consultant and Maria Lange, Business Group Dector, Gfk USA, June 19, 2018

Trade Show Success Strategies- Best Practices for Global Pet Expo and Other Trade Shows
Presented by Dave Bolen, Pet Retail Specialist and Business Consultant, Kevin Fick, CEO, Worldwise and Alice Tillet, CEO, Petmate, February 22, 2018

Click here to download the archives.  You will need to login with your APPA username and password.

About the Moderator

Dave Bolen, CEO of The Bolen Group & APPA Program Consultant

Dave Bolen serves globally as a retail advisor in the pet specialty business to sharpen focus on strategic growth opportunities, organization and execution. Dave also serves on boards and with private equity groups to direct strategic thinking to enhance business opportunities. His very successful past positions as President & CEO of Pets Supplies Plus and EVP and Chief Merchandising officer at PETCO make him a valuable and insightful consultant to APPA's Market Access and Business Edge programs.