American Pet Products Association Shares Innovative Reptile Products and Ownership Data Ahead of Reptile Awareness Day

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October 5, 2020

(Stamford, CT) – The American Pet Products Association (APPA) announced today the latest in ownership data and products for reptiles ahead of Reptile Awareness Day set to take place October 21, 2020. This observance encourages reptile owners to share their passion for their pets and serves to educate others on responsible reptile care. 

According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, there are 4.5 million reptile owning households in the U.S. and millennials account for the majority of reptile owners at 35 percent followed by Gen-X at 31 percent. The Survey also reveals the popularity of specific reptiles owned; 47 percent are turtles; 26 percent are lizards and 18 percent are snakes. Below is a round-up of innovative products manufactured by APPA members for current and prospective reptile owners that promote responsible care.


Lizards and snakes can enjoy the New Age Pet ECOFLEX Mojave Reptile Lounge. Designed with front sliding glass doors and a large, mesh screen top, reptile owners can easily access their pet, clean and use most UV and heat lamp set-ups. It also has vented side panels to ensure reptiles get plenty of air and ventilation. It’s made with ECOFLEX, a proprietary composite blend of reclaimed wood fiber byproducts and recycled polymers, creating a moisture-resistant material. This lounge comes in three different sizes and can be used indoors or outdoors.
Price: Starting at $179.99

The Reptology Skull Hide-Away by Penn-Plax is a complement to any themed tank or terrarium, or serves as a focal point to a reptile’s barren wasteland. Voted Best in Show at the 2020 Global Pet Expo, this piece is great for climbing, hiding or basking. The Hide-Away is made of safe and durable resin and the Bridge is woven from 100 percent natural seagrass fiber that feels good, especially when reptiles shed.
Price: $62.99

Repti Calcium® by Zoo Med is an ultra-fine precipitated calcium carbonate supplement with vitamin D3.  Calcium is essential for the health and wellbeing of reptiles and amphibians, and this supplement provides them with a highly bioavailable source of calcium that has no phosphorus or lead.  The vitamin D3 is known to benefit reptiles that spend most of their time indoors. Simply dust crickets or sprinkle on herbivore food, and then feed your pet as usual. 
Price: $4.99


The Zilla Black Reflector Dome incandescent light fixtures are designed to deliver years of heat or light to reptile terrariums. Each is topped with a ceramic socket to withstand constant heat of bulbs up to 150 watts. The black exterior and reflective white interior finishes are powder-coated for added luster and long life.
Price: $18.00

Without a proper hide and sleeping area, reptiles can easily develop stress that may affect their well-being and appetite. The Exo Terra Wet Log by Exo Terra offers reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates a secure place to hide and sleep, while the moist microclimate will support thermo-regulation, hydration, and aid the natural shedding process of reptiles.
The Wet Log's water reservoir should be filled with water at all times to assure that the microclimate retains optimal temperature and humidity levels for your animals.
Price: $16.00


For more information, product samples, images or interview opportunities, please contact Liz Freeman at 775-322-4022 or


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