Packaged Facts


APPA and Packaged Facts®… APPA is partnered with Packaged Facts®, a premier source of market intelligence on the pet care, food, and services industry to bring APPA members comprehensive data reports on many pet industry segments.Through this data-sharing relationship, members have access to Market Summaries prepared exclusively for APPA members.These free Market Summaries are based on several of the Packaged Facts® key pet industry reports.APPA members are eligible to purchase the reports in their entirety at a special 10% discount off of the list price.

The Packaged Facts®’s team of pet industry experts tracks data, trends and new product developments for a wide range of published pet industry reports, including studies on pet food, services and supplies markets.Most pet-related reports prepared by Packaged Facts® feature citations from APPA’s National Pet Owners Survey.

“Both APPA and Packaged Facts® are highly regarded sources of pet industry information. We believe this partnership will be mutually beneficial since the data shared will enhance each other’s research and be a great benefit to our members,” said Bob Vetere, President of APPA.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with APPA for our pet reports. APPA’s data and insight into pet owners is tops in the industry, and we know that our readers will greatly benefit by our ability to tap into that expertise,” said Don Montuori, Publisher of Packaged Facts®.

Click Here to View and Download the Market Summaries. These summaries are available exclusively to APPA members who will be asked to login to access the reports.

About Packaged Facts® …

Packaged Facts® is a leading authority for research on pet markets.Their reports track consumer trends, survey market players and provide a broad, top-level overview of each market with raw data, as well as relevant, plain English interpretation, analysis and forecasts.

For over 50 years, Packaged Facts® has been identifying the effects of emerging markets across major industries and covering trends in niche markets. In the pet area, Packaged Facts® publishes reports on subjects that span the industry, from large studies on pet food and pet supplies, to niche coverage of eco-friendly products, pet insurance, pet services and global pet trends.

David Lummis is the senior pet market analyst for Packaged Facts® and author of “Market Outlook,” a monthly column in Pet Product News. He also contributes to Pets International and Petfood Industry magazines. He has written more than 20 pet market research reports and is widely quoted in leading trade and consumer publications about the pet industry.

How to Purchase a Packaged Facts® Report…

To purchase a Packaged Facts® Report in its entirety, click here. APPA members are eligible to receive a 10% discount.