APPA National Pet Owners Survey Data Portal

Welcome to APPA’s National Pet Owners Survey Data Portal

Consumer Insights and Market Intelligence


Trusted Pet Industry Data for Smart Business Decisions. 

Since 1988, APPA has produced the pet industry's most comprehensive consumer research study about pet ownership, pet care practices, and pet product purchasing of America’s pet owners.


The New Data Portal offers quick, customized access to APPA’s trusted consumer insights data.  Just a few clicks is all it takes to get to know U.S. pet product consumers.


Build Profiles and examine pet owners in easily understood consumer segments. Study behavioral information and motivators of pet ownership, lifestyle, media and demographic criterion, purchasing habits, preferences on specific services, retail outlet preferences, dollar amount spent per product category.



Create consumer profiles in seconds using this winning combination of demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, and behavioral data. 


Customize your data analysis.  Remove the guesswork.  Analyze the way you need it, when you need it.


Define and refine your vision.  Understand your target customer, industry trends and competing dynamics to support product development, marketing and sales strategies.


Key Platform Features: 

  • Customizable infographics
  • Customize cross-tabs across key demographics and content areas
  • Create custom filters
  • Perform desired calculations, including significance testing
  • Create and save favorite templates
  • Download to Excel to build tables, charts, reports


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