American Pet Products Association Celebrates National Dog Day with Essentials for Dog Owners

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August 24, 2022

STAMFORD, CONN. (Aug. 23, 2022) –The American Pet Products Association(APPA) introduces dog owners to the latest and greatest pet products on the market ahead of National Dog Day on Aug. 26. According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, an estimated 54% of U.S. households own a dog, a notable increase from years prior. The upward trend in dog ownership indicates a greater need for a variety of pet products and supplies to make caring for dogs as easy and enjoyable as can be.

“An estimated 69 million U.S. households own at least one dog,” said APPA CEO Peter Scott. “As dog ownership continues to experience considerable growth, pet products are becoming more and more innovative. National Dog Day provides the perfect reason for pet parents to explore new products to keep their dog happy and healthy throughout the year.”

Read on for a list of innovative dog products, including toys, treats, walking accessories and more, from APPA members:

Harnesses, Collars and AccessoriesTake your pup on endless adventures with the latest walking accessories. For dog parents focused on training, try harnesses such as Heather’s Heroes The Sidekick, designed to calm fearful or reactive dogs,or the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness, which discourages pulling. For loss prevention, consider Max & Molly Smart ID Neoprene Dog Collars,which include a smart ID tag and Google Geo-tracking to help locate lost pets. If you love to accessorize your pup, check out the Southern Dog Bow Tie Collectionfor added cuteness on walks!

Leashes and Walking Accessories – Level up your daily walks with products designed for safety and efficiency. Try thePetsport Triple Safe Leash, a perfect day-to-night leash with a rubberized grip and glow-in-the-dark, headlight reflection. Prioritize safety during nighttime walks with the TUG Leash Flashlight, an easy attachment to a variety of leash styles. And, take treats on the go for training sessions using Stashios Stash & Dash™, which easily clips to belts, pockets and leashes.

Travel Supplies – Traveling with your dog has never been easier with products designed with pet owners in mind. Keep your dog hydrated with the Springer Travel Pet Water Bottle. For mealtime, add Loving Pets® Bella® Roma™ Travel Bowl Collectionin your carry-on, which features built-in legs that pack flat.If you’re an adventurer who loves to bike, take your dog along for the ride with Buddyrider, which fits virtually any modern adult bicycle. Lastly, keep fleas and ticks at bay during outdoor fun with Pure and Natural Pet® Canine Flea & Tick Spray and Wipes.

Waste Essentials – Cleaning up after your pet isn’t always fun, but luckily we have products that make it easy. The Earth Rated Leash Dispenserincorporates a patented hook to hold used bags and attaches to any leash style. Try the Lucky Dog® Premium Poop Bag Dispenser, featuring a rugged cotton construction with metal and leather trim, and add Lucky Dog® Ultimate Poop Bagsinside.

Bowls – No matter your dog’s size or breed, sturdy dog bowls that withstand everyday wear and tear are a must. The PetDreamHouse SPIN Interactive Slow Feeding Bowls for Dogs contain a center puzzle to encourage mental stimulation and promote slow feeding. For the pet parent who loves functional design, check out KindTail Kind Bowls, which feature a portable Tupperware-like system.

Cleaning Supplies – Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts, but they inevitably leave marks on our homes as well. Use a multi-surface cleaner likeBoxie Pro Stain & Odor Stopper™, formulated with an advanced blend of probiotics to target any type of pet mess, both old and new, for a clean and fresh-smelling home. If your backyard is starting to feel the effects of your best pal, try TriNova Lawn Deodorizer & Restorer to prevent yellow-brown spotting and repair grass at the root.

Beds, Crates and Kennels – A dedicated space for your pup is a must-have in any home. Elevate your dog’s crate with LuckyDog® Dwell Series Crates, featuring a luxurious welded-wire design and sliding gate door, or KindTail’s PAWD® Pet Crate, whichprovides a comfortable and modern nesting space that matches your home décor. For pups that love the backyard, the Lucky Dog® Stay™ Series Kennels offer a secure, covered area for outdoor play. Lastly, check out the Lucky Dog® DRIFT™ Series Convertible Bed for the ultimate luxury dog bed with a rollout faux fur liner.

Grooming – At-home grooming can be challenging for pet owners. For pups who hate nail trims, try Loyalty Pet Products Grooming Hammock for safe and easy access to their nails. For bath time, consider eco-friendly Pure and Natural Pet® 4-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner and use The Benjamin Brush from Beauty by Benjamin, a first of its kind brush that dispenses shampoo. Or, reinvent bath time with a waterless shampoo likeTHE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM. Stay consistent with dental care using Pure and Natural Pet® Organic Dental Solutions®.And, for dog owners looking for an in-between bath solution, try NaturPet Outdoor Sprayto eliminate odors after a hike or a swim.

Plush Toys – Give the gift of a new favorite toy! The Grriggles® Lil' Cheekies Pets Collection features adorable stuffed characters that emit a “poof” sound when squeezed. For super chewers, try the goDog® Action Plush!™ Collection with Chew Guard Technology™ or Lulubelles POWER PLUSH Dog Toys with high-quality, reinforced designs for long-lasting fun. If your pup loves to shake their toys during play, check out the all-new Lulubelles Slappies with punny names like Beary Styles and Justin Beaver.

Engagement Toys – Incorporate enrichment toys into playtime for mental stimulation. For the pup that bores quickly, try the Steeldog Bumpy Brown Cow, featuring a tennis ball head and various textures to cure boredom. Doggijuana® Toys with Juananip™ Collectioncomes in many designs with pouches to fill with Juananip™ to help engage pups in calm play sessions. For the dog that loves a good game of fetch, check out Petsport Rainbow Squeak Balls. Or, level up the next round of backyard tug of war with Tether Tug and Easy Tug Handheld Tug Toy.

Wellness – Pet owners continue to seek out wellness products to support their pet’s overall health. Consider incorporating Brilliant Salmon Oil, a human-grade, single ingredient oil for glossy fur and softer paws, into your dog’s daily routine. Alternately, try supplementing mealtime with Arkus Daily, a probiotic designed to help improve gut health and digestion.Check outWolfspring Adult, a liquid multi-vitamin that hydrates dogs with natural electrolytes from coconut water. Or, explore adding a serving of Caru Daily Dish Pumpkin Broth to meals, which can help digestive issues and support your dog’s overall health. 

Skin and Coat – Maintaining a healthy skin and coat is an essential dog care practice. Consider products from theARI Probiotic Spa Care Collection that moisturize skin and boost shine. To soothe hot spots, cracked paws and skin folds, try the new earthbath® Treatment Balm. For year-round paw protection, check out specially formulated Dr. Maggie Paw Protector. Lastly, keep an antiseptic spray for dogs on hand like NaturPet Skin Aid Spray for surface cuts and scrapes.

Treats – Having tasty treats on hand is never a bad idea. If you’re in the market for everyday training treats, consider Loving Pets® Houndations™ Bite-Sized USA Treats in five flavors. Or, try using multi-purpose treats like Mega Churu for training, disguising pills or squeezing on top of food, and giving your peanut butter-obsessed pups a taste of Walk About Pet Bickie Bar. For anxious dogs, try a solution like Stashios Soothing Saucer™ Kit with Stashios Soothing Saucer™ to promote licking, which reduces stress, anxiety and boredom in dogs.

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