Keep your Pet's Heart Happy, Healthy and Full of Love for Valentine's Day and American Heart Month

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February 3, 2022

STAMFORD, CONN. (Feb. 3, 2022) –The American Pet Products Association(APPA) is helping four-legged Valentines feel the love. February marks the start of the Valentine’s Day season and American Heart Month, so APPA has rounded up some of the best pet products to celebrate the season of love with your pets while keeping their hearts happy and healthy. 

“It is officially the season of love, and every pet deserves to feel his or her best, both physically and mentally,” said APPA Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Andrew Darmohraj, CAE. “According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, more pet owners are using Valentine’s Day as a reason to purchase gifts and show love for their pets. Whether that means Valentine’s Day-themed treats, toys, and accessories or pet heart health and cardiovascular support products, now is the perfect time to let your pet know you love them with products promoting holistic pet happiness and wellness.” 

Courtesy of APPA members, here is a list of products focused on improving pet heart health and celebrating the season of love: 

Valentine’s Day-Themed Treats, Toys, and Accessories 

Heart Shaped Silicone Treat Making Molds

Treat your furry friends to healthy, homemade treats with Messy Mutts’ flexible silicone treat makers. With 12 heart-shaped molds, this product is great for freezing or baking supplements, broths, milks, and homemade treats.

Price: $11.99-$16.99


Loving Pets Houndations® Training Treats

Houndations Training Treats by Loving Pets are bite-sized, soft-chew, beef dog treats made in the U.S. Intended as a training reward, the heart-shaped treats are grain-, wheat-, gluten-, and corn-free and make a fun Valentine’s treat for well-behaved pups. Plus, each bag comes with a free carabiner for carrying treats hands-free while you’re out and about.

Price: $4.49


Doggijuana® Get the Pawty Started Refillable Barkling Whine Toy

“Pop” the “bubbly” for a Valentine’s Day celebration with Doggijuana’s Refillable Barkling Whine Toy. Dog owners can stuff a pinch of dognip into the toy for a healthy and indulgent play session that will curb natural play instincts and relax pets into a state of peace and tranquility.

Price: $11.99


goDog® Action Plush!™ Collection

There is no better way to tell your pet that it is your “lobster” this Valentine’s Day than the goDog Action Plush! Lobster Animated Squeaker Dog Toy. The Action Plush! Collection is a series of uniquely bite activated toys made with Chew Guard Technology that do not require batteries and reward dogs’ natural instincts toward play.

Price: $16.99


Valentine’s “Date Night-Ready” Products 

Best Friends: Pet-Friendly Incense
by Gonesh

Plan a relaxing night in with your furry friend this Valentine’s Day with Pet-Friendly Incense from Gonesh. The incense sticks are formulated with gentle ingredients to pamper pets and neutralize odors while offering a safe option to elevate your and your pet’s self-care routine without worrying about chemicals or irritants

Price: $4.20 


iM CO DUZ V2 & V3 Dryers

Treat your pet to the ultimate pampering experience with DUZ Dryer, so your pet looks its best this Valentine’s Day. Both dryers have 360-degree flexible hoses that make it easy and convenient to place the product in the ideal position for optimal drying. Three different fan speeds and four heat settings allow airflow and temperature control based on your pet’s coat and heat preference.

Price: $219.99-$349.99


Brutus Broth Starter Kit

The Brutus Broth Starter Kit is the perfect tasty treat for dog owners to spoil their pup on Valentine’s Day while binging your favorite romantic comedies together. The starter kit includes all of Brutus Broth’s tasty treats for healthy, happy pups, including each flavor of liquid broth, Brutus on the Go sticks, Brutus Broth Biscuits, and a special treat tray to make your own Brutus Broth treats at home.

Price: $32.99


Health, Wellness, and Heart Month Products 

Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers® with Bacon

Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers with Bacon are made with all-natural cheese containing calcium and phosphorus that supports strong teeth and bones and Omega fatty acids to enhance skin and coat. The treats are also a delicious way for dogs to clean their teeth and gums.

Price: $6.99


Against the Grain Nothing Else™

I’m single, are you? Against the Grain Nothing Else is the only single ingredient dog food on the market. The unique loaf-in-gravy texture is cooked in its own bone broth and is grain-free and gluten-free, with no added gums, corn, wheat, or soy.

Price: $3.10


Evanger’s EVx Cat Foods

Evanger’s EVx Cat Foods make problem-solution feeding easy. Specially formulated to help solve various cat health problems, the EVx line’s dietary focuses include digestive issues, urinary tract support, weight management, low phosphorus, and joint health.

Price: $1.99


Tether Tug Dog Toy

Elevate your pup’s fitness level with the Tether Tug Dog Toy, an interactive, outdoor toy ideal for any dog that likes to pull, tug, spin, or fetch. It will have your dog smiling from ear to ear this Valentine’s Day while providing them with a fun way to stay active.

Price: $79.95


ActivPetz™ Dog Supplement-Infused Treats by Loving Pets

ActivPetz treats are affordable dog treats made with real meat and fish that contain significant levels of veterinarian-recommended supplements to promote your dog’s healthy lifestyle. The treats are grain-, wheat-, gluten-, soy-, and corn-free and available in four delicious nutritionally focused formulas.

Price: $13.49


Hofseth BioCare Brilliant Salmon Oil

Completely free of additives, Hofseth BioCare’s Brilliant Salmon Oil is the freshest fish oil available in the pet market. Derived from fresh Norwegian Atlantic Salmon, the oil contributes to shiny coats, soft paws, increased energy, and an enhanced appetite while helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Price: $26.99-$34.99


The Little Cat B612 Cat Planet Cat Wheel

Get your cat in great shape with The Little Cat B612 Cat Planet Cat Wheel. The smart cat exercise treadmill uses “The Little Cat” app to allow cat owners to manage exercise speed, view cat body mass, exercise, and calorie consumption, and customize the LED color.

Price: $502.00


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