APPA Conflicts of Interest Policy & Disclosure Statement

American Pet Products Association 

Conflict of Interest Policy


Disclosure Statement 

In carrying out their functions for APPA, Members of the Board of Directors and key employees are required to adhere to a duty of loyalty, which requires them to act in the interest of APPA, not in their own interest, or in the interest of another entity or person.  

No officer, director or key employee may engage in any transaction or undertake any positions with other organizations that involve a conflict of interest except in compliance with this policy.  Conflicts of interest involving an officer, director or key employee are not inherently illegal nor are they to be considered as a reflection on the integrity of the individual involved. 


Every person covered by this policy shall: 

  • Disclose to the Board all relevant facts of any actual and potential conflicts of interest;
  • Abstain from voting on or approving any transaction or arrangement in which the individual has an actual or potential conflict of interest;
  • Complete an annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form to be submitted to the Board 

Upon disclosure, the Board shall provide a disinterested review of the matter. 

I have read the APPA Conflict of Interest Policy set forth above and agree to comply fully with its terms and conditions at all times during my service as an Officer, Director or key employee of APPA.  If at any time following the submission of this form I become aware of any actual or potential conflict of interest, or if the information provided below becomes inaccurate or incomplete, I will promptly notify APPA’s President and its Chairman in writing.

Disclosure of Actual or Potential Conflicts of Interest: 

  • Have you entered into any contract, agreement or arrangement for the provision of goods or services to APPA?   ___ Yes  ____  No 
  • Other than common business expenses, have you received any gifts, payments, or economic benefit from APPA, or from vendors to APPA?  ___ Yes  ___ No 
  • Have you been involved in any business transaction that might be adverse to APPA or be perceived as a possible conflict of interest?  ___ Yes  ___ No


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