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Julie Rowe 
The Impetus Agency

American Pet Products Association Recognizes National Pet First Aid Month with a Look at Some Products that Help Care for Pets

(Stamford, CT) – Officials at the American Pet Products Association (APPA) are proud to recognize National Pet First Aid Month this April with a look at some products, manufactured by APPA members, designed to help pet owners with first-aid situations and preventative care. This annual observance encourages pet owners to freshen up on pet first aid procedures, as well as ways to keep pets safe and healthy, especially heading into the warmer months of the year.


The Pet First Aid Kit by RC Pets gives pet owners the ability and knowledge to provide emergency help for their pet. It comes with a first aid instruction booklet with easy to follow instructions and medical supplies including gauze rolls and pads, bandages, scissors and an emergency blanket. This kit has everything one would need in an emergency situation.

Price: $35.00

Accidents do happen and if they do, Kwik Stop® Styptic Gel Swabs by Miracle Care tackle the problem fast. Filled with the Original Kwik Stop® Gel, the swabs come with a convenient single-use applicator, which helps begin the healing process on the spot and stop minor bleeding fast. The addition of Benzocaine helps reduce pain quickly.  Perfect for first aid kits, travel, hunting, dog shows, performance events and everyday use.

Price: $9.99


For pets that are experiencing inflammation, arthritis or post-operative procedures, Coolaid Canine Icing and Cooling Wraps have a variety of uses. Wraps are easy to use and for ultimate cooling should be soaked with water, wrung and placed in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes. Cool Aid has a variety of safety products to help pets with temperature control.

Price: From $19.99




Dog Boots by Pawz are waterproof, disposable and reusable dog boots that allow dogs and owners to enjoy the great outdoors safely. Made of natural rubber they protect pets from hot pavement, fire ants, grass allergies, mud and clay, pesticides, sand irritation and dog run bacteria.  Pawz are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps and are available in seven bright summer colors

Price: $8.99


Post-surgery care can be hard to monitor but the Surgi Pro™ Derma Suit by Surgi – Snuggly has a unique antimicrobial infused directly into the material of the suit. This antimicrobial feature eliminates all yeast, molds, fungi and bacteria including ringworm and MRSA. The Surgi Pro antimicrobial is non-adaptive and effective in destroying bacteria on day 300 as it was on the first day.  When worn, dogs may also experience less anxiety and is also useful for incontinence. This suit is a great alternative to the “cone of shame” that many dogs wear when recovering from surgery or an injury.

Pricing: $39.99 - $54.00


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