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Canine Confections Sweeter Than Ever

-Valentine’s Day Pet Gifts Have Come a Long Way with New Treats Decadent Enough to Melt Even Human Hearts-

GREENWICH, CONN., October 26, 2005 – You might expect to see a plethora of chocolate-dipped strawberries or hand-painted frosted cookies leading up to the day that celebrates love. But, what may be a surprise on store shelves this year for Valentine’s Day are tantalizing new treats for pets that are as elegant and carefully decorated and packaged as even the finest of desserts for people.

It’s anticipated that more than nine million pet owners will purchase a Valentine’s gift for their pet this year according to the “2005-2006 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey.” A tasty baked good or exciting new toy is a great way to show your pet just how much she is appreciated.

To guide shoppers in purchasing the perfect Valentine’s Day present this year, APPA has released a list of new products pets are sure to love:

  • Claudia’s Canine Cuisine has released a series of decadent doggie baked treats for this Valentine’s Day that are pleasing to the taste and eye.Carefully decorated and exquisitely packaged, the treats are as healthy as they are tasty.Visit
  • Doggie de Lites Inc. has released a new heart covered bag filled with their infamous gourmet dog treats for this Valentine’s Day.The all-natural healthy treats come in seven different flavors sure to win over your pet.Visit
  • Diva Doggie offers Bowie Wowie, a simple, fast, and easy to bake oven-ready, refrigerated cookie dough especially formulated for dogs. The dough is prepared with absolutely no sugar, salt, fillers, artificial flavors or by-products. Bowie Wowiecookies are the freshest treat on the market, piping hot straight from one’s own oven with the look, smell, and texture of a human cookie. Currently available in four flavors: Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal, Carob Chip, and Peanut Butter.Visit
  • Bark Bars by American Health Kennels come in jumbo carob and peanut butter hearts and make a mouthwatering natural dog biscuit treat for Valentine’s Day. Bark Bars are made with whole wheat, all natural products and no artificial ingredients. Available at Petco and PetSmart as well as many online retailers.
  • Ethical Products has released a series of cat toys perfect for showing kitty how much she is loved.The Kitty Love Cat Toys come in balls, mice and cupids each containing catnip that’s irresistible to your favorite feline.Visit
  • Pamper your pet with the gift of high fashion by adorning her in a Heartbreakers Necklace from Golddiggers Inc.Each Necklace is elastic for a comfortable and easy fit with chiffon ribbons and satin shaped hearts.Visit
  • The new Love EEEKs! Cat Toys from Fat Cat Inc. are designed especially for the Valentine’s Day holiday.  The Love EEEKs! are based on the best-selling cat toys, the EEEKs! Mice.  These irresistible cat toys are just the perfect size to toss and chase, and they’ve been packed with our organic zoom around the room catnip and a teensy little rattle that no kitty can resist.Visit

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