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Will COVID-19 Affect Holiday Spending on Pets?
- American Pet Products Association shares latest findings from the third volume of the COVID-19 Pulse Study of Pet Ownership During the Pandemic -
APPA Supports Members with Free and Exclusive Access to New Business Bootcamp
- Three-day online program equips companies with better business practices and insight into the inner workings of the pet industry -
American Pet Products Association Shares Innovative Reptile Products and Ownership Data Ahead of Reptile Awareness Day
- In observance of Reptile Awareness Day, October 21, APPA offers some insights into reptile ownership in the U.S. and the latest in products for reptiles Ė
American Pet Products Association Encourages Pet Owners to Check Their Petís Health in Observance of Pet Wellness Month
- This month-long pet observance serves as a great reminder to check on all aspects of a petís health -
New Pets Add Life Video Highlights How A Pet Sees You Through The Most Challenging Of Times
- The latest video from A Pet Sees You campaign written and directed by Gen Z creators, shows the emotional benefits of pets through personal stories -
The American Pet Products Association Celebrates National Dog Day
- APPA embraces dog ownership on August 26th for National Dog Day with products dogs will love -

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