APPA's Export / Import Services


APPA’s Export / Import Services Can Show You How To Expand Your Product into the Global Marketplace

A key function of APPA is to help members succeed in today’s marketplace. Recognizing the importance of the world market, the APPA Board of Directors researched various methods of assisting member manufacturers in expanding their foreign trade. An important objective in developing this member benefit was that it be appropriate for every member, regardless of their size or level of expertise.

APPA’s Export Assistance Program, which was designed specifically for pet product manufacturers, has something for everyone. Experienced exporters and novices alike will be able to obtain both training and services to increase their company’s foreign trade.


APPA offers a sound educational program which affords members the opportunity to develop proficiencies in areas pertinent to their personal, professional and company development.  Trading overseas involves nuances that even the most experienced exporter or importer can have difficulty navigating.  Since the global trading arena for pet products is constantly changing it is imperative that you stay abreast of the compliance issues, legislation, and logistical strategies that affect it.   Tune in to APPA’s ongoing Export/Import Educational Series to learn more about a wide array of topics that can make or break your success in global trade.  New seminars are constantly being offered and transcripts and audio files from past seminars can be reviewed.  Click here for upcoming seminar schedule and to review past seminars.

Assessing Global Markets

Branded Program—Stretch Your International Marketing Dollars

The Branded Program is a cost-share service that assists small U.S. suppliers with promoting your brand name pet food products overseas. Once approved, participants receive a 50 percent cost reimbursement on eligible marketing and promotional activities such as:

  • Exhibiting fees at international tradeshows, as well as approved domestic tradeshows with international attendance (for first-time exhibitors only)
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Product demos and in-store promotions
  • Product literature and point-of-sale materials
  • Freight for samples
  • Package and label modifications (if necessary to meet foreign importing requirements)

Increasing Pet Food Exports…Increasing Your Bottom Line

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Exhibit in U.S. Pavilions at International Trade Shows

To learn more about exhibiting in U.S. pavilions at international trade shows, click here.


To ensure that each member receives the level of assistance that they need, APPA works with Blue Tiger International to provide discounted consulting services for our members.

Consulting services are negotiated directly with Blue Tiger International and are generally billed at a 15% discounted rate to APPA members.  Members can choose to involve Blue Tiger International in all phases of their exporting operations from developing an export marketing plan to fulfilling specific functions, or their expertise may be utilized to troubleshoot specific areas.

To learn about your APPA programs offered through Blue Tiger International, email us at


Some manufacturers find that it is easier and more efficient to have someone handle the transportation and warehousing of goods destined for foreign markets.  Others have personnel in place to handle those functions, but require assistance with navigating financial and legal issues associated with foreign trade.

Through an extensive network of global trade professionals, Blue Tiger International can assist members in these and other areas that often prove challenging when expanding internationally.  We encourage you to evaluate their services in relation to your own needs to see if the professionals at Blue Tiger International can help you make your export operation a success.


Government Resources

Other exporting questions can be answered through the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Agriculture. Use the sites below to gain valuable information and to participate in global trade opportunities.

Export/Import Assistance/Government Agencies
United States Department of Agriculture


Exporter Assistance/Foreign Agriculture Service
Agricultural Marketing Service


Food Export USA Northeast


Mid-America International Agri-Trade Council


Southern United States Trade Association


Western United States Agriculture Trade Association


Food and Drug Administration
Food Safety and Inspection Service


Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


National Agricultural Statistics Service