Export - Import Solution Center


Whether you are a novice or experienced exporter or importer, APPA’s Export-Import Solution Center provides you with customized answers from an experienced international trade expert. 
NEW! APPA Export-Import Solutions: Developing & Managing Your Global Supply Chain

A 5-part series designed to help members travel beyond their borders and expand their international footprint. Whether you are new to international business or looking to improve your current strategy , APPA’s experts offer a program tailored to your business needs. 

I: Consultations at Global Pet Expo
     •Complimentary 60 minute session with an international trade expert
     •Assess your export readiness
     •Identify cost reduction opportunities
     •Risk assessment
     To make an appointment for your complimentary consultation at Global Pet Expo, please register here.  

II- Webcast: Developing Your Export Sales Strategy
     •Case study in identifying viable overseas markets
     •Developing export operations, documentation, and procedures
     •Determining selling channels and terms of trade
     Date: Thursday, May 24 at 2pm EST
     Register here

III- Webcast: Developing Your Global Sourcing Strategy
     •Case study on identifying cost savings opportunities in overseas markets
     •Developing sustainable vendor relationships
     •Establishing quality acquisition contracts
     Date: Thursday, June 14 at 2pm EST
     Registration coming soon!

IV- Webcast: Reducing Risk & Spend in the Supply Chain
     •Cost effective logistics & freight options
     •Learn how free trade agreement, foreign trade zones, and bonded warehouses work
     •When to consider a near-sourcing model
     Date: TBA
     Registration coming soon!

V- Customized Assistance from the Experts
     •U.S. Customs (CBP), regulatory, compliance, and logistics support
     Ongoing support billed at the APPA member discount rate
     To request assistance, please email us at ex-imsc@americanpetproducts.org

Moderator: Thomas A. Cook, Blue Tiger International
A 35-year seasoned veteran of global trade & international business development, author of 19 books, and more than 20 years of association experience.


APPA’s Export-Import Solution Center provides you with a complimentary assessment and ongoing support in the following areas: 

Complimentary Assessment

  • Market evaluation & assessing viability for your product
  • Obtaining market research
  • Assessing export readiness
  • Finding, approaching, and negotiating with key business partners
  • Trade lead follow-up assistance
  • Trade show event preparation
  • Counsel on export-import trade compliance
  • Calculating duties & taxes
  • Assistance with marketing, labeling, packing, and facilitating with international shipments
  • Understanding and using INCOterms
  • Guidance related to FDA, FTA & USDA exporting and importing

Other Areas of Support

  • Structuring competitive pricing & payment terms
  • Commercial documentation, correspondence, credits & collections
  • Education & assistance with Government sponsored programs including programs through the U.S. Department of Agriculture such as:
    • Market Builder: A service to exporters who are looking to secure their product in an international market, find new distributors or importers, and/or receive valuable feedback about their product.
    • Pet Food Buyers Missions: Meet international buyers and promote your products without leaving the U.S.
    • The Branded Program: The Branded Program provides a 50% cost reimbursement for a wide variety of international marketing activities. You may be eligible for reimbursement when you exhibit at Global Pet Expo!!  Find out today!
Contact the APPA Export-Import Solution Center by email at ex-imsc@americanpetproducts.org.

Initial complimentary assessment offers a forty-five minute consultation session.  Ongoing support is offered at a special APPA member discount.

Exporting/Importing Resources Through APPA

Exporting and importing activities can be challenging and risky, but also provide tremendous advantages and opportunity.  Exporters benefit from gaining global market share and increased sales.  With governments around the world actively supporting and encouraging trade relations, importers benefit from lower costs and increased profits.  APPA equips its members with all of the resources and tools needed to start or expand your exporting & importing activities, including:

Talk to our APPA Ex-Im Experts
Export-Import Bank of the U.S.
Country Commercial Reports
Exporting Guides
Accessing Global Markets
Links to Government Agencies

Use APPA’s Ex-Im Online Help Desk to Get Expert Advice

APPA has partnered with Blue Tiger International (BTI) to bring our members the most qualified experts in the exporting/importing field.  Email us to get answers to your global trade questions, or schedule a complimentary 45 minute export/import readiness assessment to help you define your business goals.

Members needing more comprehensive assistance qualify for a 15% discount on additional services.  For more information about BTI and the expertise that they can provide, click here.


Country Commercial Reports

Country commercial reports are prepared by U.S. embassies in more than 75 countries abroad and brought to you by the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  The reports focus on 8 important factors to help you determine the right market for your product, including:

  • Market overview
  • Political & economic environment
  • Selling U.S. products & services
  • Leading sectors for U.S. exports & investment
  • Trade regulations, customs, & standards
  • Investment climate statement
  • Trade & project financing
  • Business travel

To access a pull down menu with available country commercial reports, click here.


Exporting Guides


Accessing Global Markets
Food Export USA Programs

Food Export USA is comprised of several non-profit state regional trade groups that help small- and medium-sized companies explore exporting. Activities are funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service. APPA has partnered with the agency to provide our U.S. members with information on how to access services that support international trade.

Links to Government Resources

United States Department of Agriculture
     •Foreign Agriculture Service
     •Agricultural Marketing Service
     •Food Safety Inspection Service
     •Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
     •National Agricultural Statistics Service

United States Food & Drug Administration
     •Imports & Exports
     •Import & Export Inspections

United States Customs & Border Protection

United States Department of Commerce
     •International Trade Administration
     •Bureau of Industry & Security
     •Census Bureau